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There are several possibilities; headlight switch, headlight breaker or fuse, connectors, dimmer switch.

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Q: What could cause headlights to quit working on a 1994 ford aerostar van?
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2002 cavalier headlights and wipers quit working?

i was driving in the rain last night my headlights and wipers quit working and i stop the car for 15 minutes and they starting working again and they are still working what could have cause this my car is 2002 cavalier

What could cause an Aerostar to have no electrical power at all Checked battery that's not the problem It just stoppped working one day?

Check the alternator.

Why would your lowbeam headlights quit working and cruise control?

It is possible that both of the fuses are bad for the low beam headlights and the cruise control. A loose ground wire could cause the fuses to blow.

What could cause the dim lights not to work. Brights are working and driving lights are working in a 94 grand prix Is there a dim light fuse?

The dim lights on a 1994 Grand Prix could go out when the headlamp switch is on if there is a short in the wiring for the headlights. There could also be a problem with the bulbs themselves if they were touched during installation. The oils in the fingers can short out new headlights.

Why are your headlights and tail lights working but your dash lights are not?

If parking and tailights are working could be headlight switch--rheostat for dimming control could be bad

Will a bad dimmer switch in a 98 sierra stop the headlights from working?

Yes it could.

Can a radiator be messed up by getting the headlights busted off?

a radiator is actually more fragile then people believe. A rock could penetrate it and cause it to leak. With that in mind, If the vehicle was in an accident to cause the headlights to come off, it could damage the radiator.

What could it mean when the headlights sometimes flicker on and off on a 1993 Ford Aerostar Van?

There are several possibilities: It could mean a bad switch in the dashboard. It could mean a bad ground or bad connection in the wiring. There are other possibilities but that's where I'd start.

If right side headlights are not working what could be the problem?

Blown fuse or the lights are just blown and need replacing.

What could cause the headlights to go on but not up on a 1985 Celica GTS if the motors are working?

If the motors are working, then there has to be a problem between the motors and the lights. If they are only "working" though if you bench test them, and they don't actually do anything when you turn on the lights, then there must be an electrical problem such as a break in a wire or a bad ground to the motors.

On your 1979 John deere Spitfire Snowmobile what could cause brand new headlights to work only for a second after skidoo is turned on and then quite working?

that's definatly your voltage regulator i had the same problem on mine

If the AC fan and signal lights are not working on a 1998 Audi A4 1.9 TDI but the headlights are fine what could be wrong?

the carbaretta could have blown mate

What could cause poor dash board illumination for a 1986 pick up truck F250 builds and fuses are good?

How do your headlights look? If the headlights are dim, it is possible your charging system is at fault. If your headlights are bright, then check your body grounds.

Your headlights will not shut off on a 99 dodge Dakota what could cause this and how can you fix it?

replace the head light switch

Electric problems with Volvo 740s?

Could you be more specific? Is the battery dead, will the engine not turn over, are the headlights not working, etc.?

Why do your 2004 envoy headlights hot work but all other lights work?

If the headlights on the 2004 GMC Envoy are not working, there could be a loose connection somewhere. If all of the other lights are working, it is most likely not a fuse that has blown. Double check the wiring to see if there is a loose connection.

What could cause a 1990 Ford Aerostar not to get heat?

Feel of the hoses at the heater core. If one is hot and the other is cold the heater cont balbe is not working. If they are both hot, the mixing door inside is not operating. Make sure you have vacuum going into the cab from the intake.

What could be the cause of both dipped headlights not working on Renault Scenic?

Blown fuse? Bad earth maybe. most likely the fuse. Fusebox located to right hand side of steering wheel. There is a headlight relay that is prone to failure.

Driver side power window is ok but the passenger side is not working on 1989 aerostar motor and regulator is fine what else could be wrong?

Hi, The problem with your pass side window is the drivers side power window switch. I have had this same problem on my 1993 Aerostar.

What could cause dim headlights in a Geo Metro?

Most likely, a ground wire is failing. If all other electrical is working properly, start looking for ground wires close to the light, then work out from there. Mr Geo Metro

The Headlights are malfunctioning on 1990 corvette. how do you adjust or fix?

If the headlights are not working correctly on a 1990 Corvette, the fuses or lights could be going out. Replace the old fuses and check that all wires connected to the lights are functioning correctly.

Your blinkers tail lights and headlights are not working on your 91 Nissan Pathfiner and you replaced all the fuses you could find and they still are not working what could it be?

Answerthink maybe you need to get the light switch testedReplace the Turn Signal Switch then all will be fine.

What could cause a 97 Hyundai Elantra to die after turning the headlights on and it not being the alternator?

Bad/shorted battery? (doesn't not hold a charge)

Jeep headlights will not switch from high beam to low. What would cause the headlights to stick on high beam?

The switch or the relay, check the cheapest, or simplest thing first, which could be the relay, but the symptom points more to the switch.

What could cause the horn to stop working in your dodge avenger 2.4L engine?

A loose wire would cause the horn to stop working on your Dodge Avenger 2.4L engine.