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What could cause lumps on your spine with areas of numbness around them?

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If you're in your 50's --or older-- the 'lump' could be Arthritis... If a 'lump' in the neck area actually keeps you from raising your head, there is a possibility it could be Ankylosing spondylitis [see attached article on WebMD] Any history of trauma to the involved areas? I cannot think of any other generalized condition that displays this sign & symptom... Oh... One additional thought... You didn't mention signs such as purple stretch marks on your abdomen, round --or moon-- face, Diabetes, Back pain, etc... This particular problem is known as "Cushing's Disease"... See Indocrine and Metabolic Diseases Information Service URL attached... If the lump has caused a circumference of numbness around it, then it has extended into the nerve tissues of the dermis. This is not a good sign. Instead of listening to everybody's best guess on FAQ Farm, go do the doctor's immediately. Without a proper evaluation and history, one can only give you an educated guess. This needs to be seen by an experienced doctor...NOW!

2006-09-09 16:38:29
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What could be the cause of left hand numbness?

what is the cause of fingers and hand numbness?

What could cause numbness in left great toe?

Maybe touching something to cold for to long,or not moving around,etc. Many things can cause numbness.

Could shoulder pain cause numbness in cheek?

it could

What causes numbness in the jaw?

I have occasional twitching/numbness of left jaw - doesn't hurt - what could cause this?

What would cause numbness in left second toe?

Many things could cause numbness in the left second toe. It could be infection, inflammation, or trauma. If numbness persists for more than a few days, seek a physician's help.

What could cause numbness in the outside of the thigh?

meralgia paresthesia

What does pressure behind the ear with numbness in it and around the face?

Pressure behind the ear with numbness in and around the face could be cause by anything. It could be caused by an allergic reaction, high blood pressure, medication side effects and more. If the problem is an issue it is best to see a doctor.Ê

Could nerve damage in the hand cause numbness?

Yes, even in the hand nerve damage could cause numbness. When nerves get damaged, they die, thus leaving no feeling in the part of body that they reside.Ê

What is the reason of numbness on the nose?

Poor blood flow could cause numbness...try drinking water regularly, past or current drug use could cause this, or also scarred tissue due to burns or frostbite.

What is the numbness in your feet?

The numbness in your feet could be a sign of a serious medical condition. People with diabetes and fibromyalgia usually experience numbness in their feet and in their hands. Or prolapse of the discs between L4-5 can cause numbness in the feet.

What could cause tingling and numbness in your toes?

1. Poor blood circulation 2. ?

What could cause numbness in right eyelid and eyebrow?

lack of sleep, or a black eye.

Could a bone spur on the shoulders cause tingling and numbness across the chest?


What could cause numbness in your right small toe?

Could be a contusion,too tight or wrong shoes,infected nailbed, or diabetes to name a few?To learn more about how diabetes can cause numbness and tingling in your hands and feet look at

What problems could a herniated disc cause?

People who suffer from a herniated disc can feel pain. They can also cause numbness in your legs and back.

What could cause nose numbness?

In winter, nose numbness is very common due to the wind and cold. It's nothing to worry about and can be fixed with just going inside and getting warm.

What can cause your face to tingle?

there are different things which could cause tingling in the face, for example the tension associated with migraine can commonly cause numbness and tingling due to pressure.

What could cause numbness in lower legs only?

Numbness in the lower legs only could be caused by a variety of things including poor circulation and even diabetes. Going to a doctor to rule out severe problems would be ideal.

What can cause numbness and tingling on the inside of ones mouth?

There could be several medical conditions that cause numbness and tingling inside ones mouth. It can be an allergic reaction, a side effect from medicine, or canker sores. A doctor will be able to diagnose the problem.

What could cause left shoulder numbness?

Sleeping on that side for long periods of time, or a constant repition with that arm.

What could cause piercing pain followed by numbness in the left side of your head?

Depending on where the piercing is located, the person who pierced it may have hit a nerve. Go to a doctor if the numbness does not go away.

4th and 5th digit are numb what are the causes?

If your 4th and 5th digit are numb, the cause could be carpal tunnel. The cause of numbness could also be due to nerve damage in the connected nerves.

Are there exercises I can do to help toe numbness go away?

It depends on what is causing your numbness. If you are a person who crosses their legs frequently, you could be damaging a nerve that runs along the side of the knee. Numbness could also be a sign of vitamin deficiency, or an early indication of diabetes. You should visit your primary care doctor to see what the cause of your toe numbness is in order to prevent further nerve damage.

Could lamictal cause numb hands?

Numbness would not be a common side effect of Lamictal but we "never say never".

What could cause pain and pins and needles and numbness in your hands and lower arms?

It could be poor circulation, or even early signs of carpal tunnel syndrome.