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If you're in your 50's --or older-- the 'lump' could be Arthritis... If a 'lump' in the neck area actually keeps you from raising your head, there is a possibility it could be Ankylosing spondylitis [see attached article on WebMD] Any history of trauma to the involved areas? I cannot think of any other generalized condition that displays this sign & symptom... Oh... One additional thought... You didn't mention signs such as purple stretch marks on your abdomen, round --or moon-- face, Diabetes, Back pain, etc... This particular problem is known as "Cushing's Disease"... See Indocrine and Metabolic Diseases Information Service URL attached... If the lump has caused a circumference of numbness around it, then it has extended into the nerve tissues of the dermis. This is not a good sign. Instead of listening to everybody's best guess on FAQ Farm, go do the doctor's immediately. Without a proper evaluation and history, one can only give you an educated guess. This needs to be seen by an experienced doctor...NOW!

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Q: What could cause lumps on your spine with areas of numbness around them?
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