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there are quite a few wheel bearing problems on these and sometimes differentials front and rear

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Q: What could cause noise at highway speeds in a Toyota Sequoia?
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What would cause the lift gate locks wiper and window not to work on a Toyota Sequoia 2002?

If the rear window is not fully closed the rear wiper will not operate.

What causes an f-250 to misfire at highway speeds?

if is model with computers etc,most probable cause is the cam positioning sensor

Cadillac 1996 deville overheats driving fast?

when overheating occurs at highway speeds the cause is usually. a radiator or coolant circulation problem, Check for a restricted or clogged radiator.

2006 Jeep Wrangler shakes at 50 to 55 mph?

Go to a tire shop and see if your tires are balanced correctly, if your tires are out of balance they could cause vibrations at highway speeds.

Could an inner tie rod end cause a car to shake at highway speeds?

Yes. So could a broken belt in your tire, a tire out of balance, loose lug nuts, bad CV joint.

Why does my Toyota tacoma surge at highway speeds Tune up done not too long ago. Fuel filter replaced and no check engine light is on?

Try disconnecting the vacuum line at the EGR valve and plug it off with a cap or screw into the hose. The diaphrams get weak with age and seem to cause 99% of the surge issue. If not check the internal coil / power packs.

What will cause an 88 305 in a Chevy pickup to make a loud clicking sound when the engine is restarted when it is hot and cause a engine warning light to light up at highway speeds only?

if you are not low on oil it could be a week oil pump most likely which can be detrimental in a hurry.

Why would cause your 1996 Eclipse GST Turbo to run hot after 12 miles of driving?

Check the operation of the cooling fans. However, if you are driving at highway speeds the cooling fan would not be needed, therefore it could be a defective thermostat or a clogged radiator, in which case a radiator shop could clean and refurbish it. If not driving at highway speeds, the check not only the fan, but the thermostatic switch controlling the fan and the fuse/circuit breaker for the fan system

What is the likely cause of bouncing speedometer when driving at steady highway speeds?

Possibly your speed sensor. My speedometer would bounce around & then soon after it felt like my transmission was slipping. Turns out the speed sensor controls the upshift in your transmission.

Can snow cause unbalanced tires?

If ice remains on the inside of the wheel you may experience symptoms of an unbalanced tire including heavy vibration at highway speeds. It should go away when the offending ice melts or falls off.

What do tornadoes do?

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What could cause a 1998 Buick Park Ave to miss when speed reaches 55-70 mph?

If your car is running well otherwise try replacing your spark plug wires. It worked for my 98 that was missing at highway speeds.

What could cause an Infiniti G35 to suddenly stall while driving?

highway speeds? city driving? at high way speeds if you are running an aftermarket air intake, such as a cold air intake...then turbulent air from high speeds throws your MAF way off, with your e.c.u going "Wtf?" at city speeds...well i dont know. if you have a $30k infiniti do yourself a favor. TAKE IT TO THE DEALER OR A REPUTABLE SHOP .............. Is it a manual transmission?? do you know how to drive stick. if its auto try adding a fuel injector cleaner.

What causes the car to hesitate when accelerating at speeds below 20mph?

Bad speed sensors can cause the car to hesitate when accelerating at speeds below 20 mph. The blockage of the air filters can also cause the car to hesitate when accelerating at speeds below 20 mph.

2001 Chevy blazer shaking at highway speeds?

May need to have the tires balanced, May be bad tie--rods, A bad u-joint can cause a bad shanking too. Belt could be brokin in a tire. Check these things first.

What is phi beta sigma fraternity hymn?

Our cause speeds on its way

Will bad tires make car shake at certain speeds?

Bad tires and bad alignment can cause the car to shake at certain speeds.

What would cause an engine vibration on a 1995 Toyota corolla The vibration happens at all speeds and at idle The vibration stops if the front of the car in lifted slightly by hand?

it cant do that because no one can stop a vibration only the earth could

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What damages can Sodium Chloride Cause?

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What is the clanging noise coming from your 04 Toyota 4Runner?

There are several things that can cause a clanging noise on your 2004 Toyota. A loose exhaust pipe is the most common cause.

Would needing the tires rotated cause your car to shake at high speeds?

No,but tires out of balance will cause this. Have them balanced and rotated.

What is the number one cause of accidents in highway work zones?


What is a major cause of highway collision?

Improper off-road recovery.

What can cause a 2004 Toyota Camry to smoke when you crank it up at times?

A bad fuel injector can cause your 2004 Toyota Camry to smoke when you start it up. A plugged air filter can also cause it to smoke.