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What could cause the brake light to come on and stay that way on your 1998 jeep Cherokee classic?


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A defective or out of adjustment brake light switch.

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Could be a bad axle seal Could be a bad brake wheel cylinder Could be a bad brake fluid line

it could be a lot of different factors such as master cylinder is leaking past seels, crack in a brake line, leaking wheels cyclinders or calipers, air in the brake system that will cause brake pedal to go to floor if it is hard and wont move could be a failed brake booster

A brake fluid leak in the brake system, LOW BRAKE FLUID.

Could be a vacuum leak Could be a defective power brake booster Could be a bad check valve on booster

The caliper could be hanging up. Or your right front brake line could be coming apart or kinked. that will cause it to pull left.

Brake fluid in reservoir below acceptable level.

My 89 jeep Cherokee surges at idle and sometimes stalls but runs fine once you are going what could cause this?

A defective brake light switch could cause the problem. Also a defective turn signal switch could also. The brake lights work through the turn signals. It cancels the brake light so that the turn signal can work.

Could be inferior brake pads or glazed brake rotors. If the new pads were installed without machining or replacing the rotors that could also cause brake squeal.

check the brake light switch behind the brake pedal under the dash.

Could be low brake fluid. Emergency brake could be partly on-make sure it is pulled completely in the up position.

a mis adjusted brake light switch could cause that fault.

Air in a brake line or a bad master cylinder could cause this. Bleed the brake lines if you have been working on any brake cylinder. If this happened without any warning, the master brake cylinder is probably the cause and should be replaced.

If it is a front brake problem it could be a frozen (stuck) caliper, collapsed brake hose or a pinched brake line. If it is in the rear it could be a frozen e-brake cable, pinched brake line or a frozen wheel cylinder.

Nonworking Brake LightsYes, it could be the brake light switch [either not properly adjusted, or defective], BUT there could be other causes:One of the several connector plugs in the brake light wiring could be disconnected.Any on of the conductors [wires] in the brake light circuit could be cut, broken, or disconnectedA ground wire could be cut, broken, or disconnected.At any one of the above connections, there could be a buildup of corrosion which cuts off the flow of electricity.There could be other causes which do not come to my mind at the moment.

Could be low on brake fluid. If it is low you either needs brakes or you have a leak in the system.

Could be that the rotors are "out of round" and pulsate Could be a malfunction in the ABS system

one could be the lines need bleeding

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