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Hey Melinda==Check to make sure there is a good ground between the engine and body with no paint or dirt. Also remove both battery cables and clean both ends. This should do it. GoodluckJoe

Maybe a loose wire or a bad connection to the headlight itself.

There may also be a security function that has been triggered by the battery being unhooked during the alternator installation. My Jeep does this every time the battery is reinstalled in the circuit or is drained and recharged. I must then reset the security to get it to function properly. Good Luck finding the problem & hope this was helpful, Joe.

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Q: What could cause the headlights to blink after replacing the alternator?
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Why would your 1999 Geo Tracker head lights and dash lights blink?

On a 1999 GEO Tracker, a bad fuse can cause the headlights and dash lights to blink. A bad voltage regulator or alternator can also cause lights to blink and flicker.

Can a bad Alternator cause the battery light to blink?


What would cause headlights dashlights to dim then brighten again?


Why do 1995 jeep wrangler headlights blink off and on while on high beam?

A loose or corroded ground wire can cause your 1995 Jeep headlights to blink on and off. Make sure the ground wire is tight and free of corrosion.

What would cause the tail lights and headlights to blink off and on sporatically on a Ford truck?

bad headlight switch.

What is the cause of squaling when the car accelerates?

usually the squealing is from the alternator or the alternator belt in most cases it is the belt try to tighten it or replacing

What cause the head light to blink going down the road on a 1999 Chevy tracker?

The alternator may be going bad.

What would cause dash lights to dim when you turn on headlights?

when you use any kind of electrical component in your vehicle, it draws power from the battery , which in turn the alternator replaces.... you might want to get your alternator checked at your local autozone / advance auto as it might not be generating the output needed...this is the usual case...a simple test you can do is start your car... disconnect your positive battery cable...if the car stays running turn on your headlights, radio , wipers, and if the car stalls out... your alternator needs replacing....( note the fact that in most every vehicle...there will be some "dimming" of lights when you use electrical components....)

What cause a 1988 Volvo to not start but when jumped works perfectly and nothing is wrong with the battery?

try replacing the alternator

What should you check if the belt will not turn the alternator after replacing the alternator in a 96 Nissan 4x4 truck?

If the alternator is bolted on too tight on its bracket,then it will cause the alternator to have a "bend" so that the clearance between the moving parts is reduced and the moving parts eventually jammed.

What could cause a 97 Hyundai Elantra to die after turning the headlights on and it not being the alternator?

Bad/shorted battery? (doesn't not hold a charge)

What would cause your headlights and dash lights to dim or shut down while driving my 2006 F150 Supercrew?

your alternator is going bad

What would cause the battery light to stay on after replacing with a new battery in a 2000 Nissan altima?

alternator or bad wires

Can a battery cause headlights to dim?

yes. to much corrosion on terminals can cause this. if your car starts right up after sitting all night, chances are your alternator is OK. clean terminals.

Would a faulty dimmer combo switch cause the headlights to stay on without the vehicle running and the switch turned in the off position on a 1998 Olds Intrigue?

yes it will also cause them to blink off & on and

What would cause a 1997 Grand Am GT not to start after replacing the alternator?

is your battery in good condition and fully charged? is your starter good?

Would a faulty alternator in a 1999 Malibu cause the rpm needle to move when your stopped and your dash and headlights to dim in and out?

YES ! ! ! next you know you will be stranded trying to get a jumper it doesnt work until you replace either alternator and battery[both].

What would cause intermittent headlights on a f250?

This problem could be caused by a problem with your alternator. It may also be an electrical or wiring issue. It would probably be best to go to a mechanic to find and fix the specific cause in your case.

Why does battery dash light stay on after ignition and go off only after the headlights are turned on?

Hey John==Make sure the alternator belt is tight. GoodluckJoe A Bad Diode in the Alternator will cause the light 2 stay on & still charge the bttery.

Does a bad alternator cause the speedomiter not to work where are the fuses located for the power windows on a 1992 Toyota Camry LE v6 does alternator when bad cause all elec not to work?

The Fuse Box can be located on your left hand side underneath the steering column...that useually requires a large fuse 20 or 30 plus I can answer the alternator question - yes, it causes alot of wacky wiring symptoms! The speedometer might stop, the indicator lights may blink fast, the "D" light may blink...etc.. Sorry can't answer about the fuse - but maybe in the fuse box!

Has anyone heard of the headlights going out repeatedly on a Honda prelude 2000?

When replacing bulbs, do not touch glass part with your fingers. Any oil from your hands will cause shorten lifespan.

Why would Using your Headlights Drain the Battery?

If your electrical system is working as it should, using your headlights will not drain the battery. Of course that is assuming your engine is running. More than likely your alternator is not putting out enough voltage to keep the battery charged with the headlights on. Take your car to a trusted mechanic or auto parts store and have your charging system checked. You may need a new alternator. A loose drive belt can also cause this so make sure the belt is in good working order and adjusted correctly.

What would cause headlights to burn out quickly on a motorcycle?

alternator may be bad causing to much juice....check it first. You may have a wire touching metal also near the headlight harness

What would cause your headlights to flicker and voltmeter to drop while driving sometimes but not always?

The alternator may be failing. Drive to your local auto parts store and they can test the charging system for you for zip.

Why dont your high beams turn on but your low beams both work on your 2000 ford expedition Is there a fuse for it?

It sounds like the low beam/high beam switch is bad. Fuses are not the problem since they are built into the headlight switch and would cause headlights to blink or not come on for both high and low beam headlights.