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The problem is typically in the driver's side master power window switch. In most cases it can be easily fixed by removing the switch, unclipping the switch in the middle to pull it apart and cleaning the contacts with alcohol.

1) Insert fine tipped screwdriver into the highest part of the switch and pry it away from where it is mounted. Pull the switch upwards and disconnect the 2 or 3 push-in connectors. They will come out easily once you smash in the connector tab on the top of each one.

2) Take the switch to a table to work on it. Upside-down, you will see 3-4 small squares with plastic clips on the inside of them. Insert the screwdriver between the upper and lower plasctic housing to separate the clips from one side, then the other. This will give you access to the inside of the switch. Most switches have springs and connectors that fall out, but this switch does not. It has a large rubber pad and operates more like a calculator by smashing down the rubber buttons to make contact.

3) Remove the rubber pad, making note of which direction it will go back on. If you put it back upside down, nothing will work. Take a paper towel or Q-tip and clean both sides of the connections thoroughly with alcohol, or another quick drying solvent. NOT and oil like WD-40. You will probably see a small amount of moisture and this is where the problem comes from.

4) Reverse this procedure and reinstall your switch and you should be back in business. I have done this in 3 different vehicles, and it worked every time. There is still a chance there is moisture in the switch of the door that the window rolls up or down on, so you may have to go a little further and remove the individual switch too, but not normally. Good Luck!

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Wire expands when hot and contracts when cold. Dust makes this problem worse. Try spraying potentiometer cleaner... or electronic tuner cleaner (*** Not WD-40***) into the window controls on the drivers side. If you know how , or are mechanically inclined; pull the module out carefully and wiggle and clean the contacts from the under side.

Good Luck!!

This just happened to me this morning. I have a 1998 Altima. I was tempted to drive to the auto-body shop, but used my Blackberry and googled first. I had no idea what a potentiometer cleaner was. I ran in the house looking for compressed air, but didn't have any. I found a can of static guard and figured it was worth a shot. Sprayed the window controls and then jiggled the switch a bit. 5mins later I gave it a try and it worked like a charm.
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2009-10-06 08:14:35
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Q: What could cause the window to roll up and down when it is warm outside but not when cold and how do you fix this on a 1994 Nissan Altima?
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