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outside temp has nothing to do with engine temp, you just have to leave it running for a little bit. i would suggest at least 5 min. Bad thermostat. Probabl;y stuck wide open. or it is heating up, but your coolant temp sensor is bad and it is saying it is cold

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When do wildfires happen?

Wildfires normally happen during the spring and summer when it is hot and dry.

When do tornadoes mostly happen at?

Tornadoes happen mostly during the spring and early summer and during the later afternoon or early evening.

Tornadoes in the northern hemisphere happen during what months?

They can happen in any month but mostly happen in late spring-early summer.

Setting of the prodigal son story?

the story happen during summer in the field.

What would happen if the earth tilted more?

The degree of change between summer and winter would become greater.

Are tornadoes seasonal?

They usually only happen during the summer/fall but can happen any time of the year if the weather is right

How hot does it get in papua new guinea capital during summer?

i am not sure but definitely not 21 degree Celsius.

Why does photosynthesis happen more rapidly during the summer?

There are 4 things which are needed for the photosynthesis action. They are, 1.Chlorophyll 2.Water 3. Carbon-dioxide and 4. Sunlight. During summer the sunlight is always there and hence, during the summer time the sunlight is collected more by the plants because it is essential for photosynthesis which causes this action to happen more rapidly.

What is better for a 265 cu inch Chevy v8 in traffica 160 degree thermostat or a 180 degree?

A 160 in the summer time and a 180 during the winter.

Can SAD happen in summer?

As far as I know, seasonal affective disorder only affects people during the winter, not the summer. Summer is not a depressing season. Even if you are depressed in the summer, it is not because of the summer weather, it's for some other reason.

Do thunderstorms happen in Greenland?

Thunderstorms happen in Greenland occasionally. This is usually during summer when the ice sheets are being broken down which will cause turbulence.

What is least likely to occur in the US during spring and summer months?

Blizzards are least likely to happen in the spring and summer months because the temperatures are warmer.

Does a tornado come in the summer fall winter or spring?

It depends on where you live. In the south tornadoes usually occur in late winter, spring and summer. In the north tornadoes usually happen during the late spring and summer. Overall tornadoes can happen at any time of year.

What happens when it's summer in Canada?

This is a very broad question. Many things happen during the summer in Canada. In general (excluding the North), the snow has melted, and people are on their vacation. Canada Day also takes place during the summer, on July 1st.

What month does thunderstorms mostly happen?

Thunderstorms can happen all year round, and at any time, but most happen in the Spring & Summer months during the afternoon & evening. the answer to this question is July

What season are rapes more likely to occur?

It has been confirmed that in the summer time more rapes happen. This is because during the summer kids are on their summer vacations so therefore means twice the rapes.

Do all college and university students work during their summer vacation?

No, some do volunteer work, some take summer classes to finish their degree, and some of them stay home with their parents.

When do hail storms mostly occur?

Hail storms mostly occur during the spring but, they can and do happen during the summer and fall and even sometimes the winter.

What time of year does severe weather happen?

well lots of hurricanes occur during summer and there's always snowstorms in winter, so my conclusion is Winter and Summer

What is a summer blockbuster?

It is a movie that is a hit during the summer.

Can tornadoes happen in the summer for 5 out of 10 years?

Tornadoes happen in the summer every year.

What is the noun in the sentence go during the summer?

In the sentence, "Go during the summer.", the noun is summer.

With a cumulonimbus cloud what kind of weather is found with it?

A thunderstorm, which normally happens in the summer time during the night or afternoon, but can happen at anytime in the year, but more common in the summer time

Difference between during summer holidays and in summer holidays?

during summer holidays is a time within the summer holidays, and summer holidays are summer holidays altogether.

What time of year do tornados occur?

Tornadoes usually occur during the spring or summer, but they can happen at any time of year.