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What could it mean if your HCG levels only went up slightly and did not double after two days?

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The same thing happend to me and I was told I was going to miscarry and I had a DNC.

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HCG levels 13 days past ovulation?

It varies woman to woman. I was 47 at 12 days past ovulation and the levels are suppoed to roughly double every two days. Hope that helps

Hcg levels and CORRESPONDING weeks of pregnancy?

A pregnant woman's hCG level's double every two days.

If hcg levels drop by half in 1 day does this mean miscarriage?

HCG levels should double every 2-3 days, i think if HCG levels start dopping this can mean a possible miscarriage.

What is a substance whose presence is detected by all pregnancy tests?

hCG levels,which is the pregnancy hormone level. The hCG levels double every two days till about 7-12 week of pregnancy.

What causes low HCG and missed a period?

It could mean that the pregnancy is only just beginning. A second beta test will tell whether the human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) levels double within 48-72 hours. It also could mean that there is a pregnancy, but it is not viable. If the HCG levels lower after two days, without doubling, then the pregnancy will most likely miscarry. This is often called a 'Chemical Pregnancy'. The period will begin within a few days, and doctors will request that the beta levels continue to be checked until they return to zero.

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What does it mean when HCG levels go from 5000 to 139000 in 4 days?

Could mean more than 1 baby

How many levels are own penguin diner?

34 days/levels

How soon the hcg start to elevate in the blood after pregnancy?

A woman's hCG levels will double every two days until the 7-12 week of pregnancy.

What does it mean when you have a headach for three whole days?

you could have migranes, high blood pressure, low magnesium levels or be in caffeine withdrawl.

A few days after ovulation you got a yeast infection could you be pregnant?

You could be. But the yeast infection would not be a result of being pregnant. Yeast infections after ovulation could be a result of high estrogen levels.

Your hcg went from 90 to 97 in 3 days is that ok?

No, this will most likely mean an impending miscarriage. levels that early in pregnancy should double every 2 days so it should have been around 250.

How many levels are own penguin diner - 40k?

35 levels or days

How many people would have to double 200 pennies a day for 30 days to get to 1 million dollars?

One person could do that in less than thirty days.

Do a pregnancy test can be positive even if the test shows a well fainted line of negative?

It could mean you are getting a positive. Wait two to three days and retest. Your HCG levels may be just at the lower limit of the level detected by the test. Your HCG levels are doubling every two to three days, so waiting a few days will make your HCG levels more detectable in a urine pregnancy test.

For the last few days you have had a pins and needles feeling in both your pinkie and ring fingers its also slightly numb what can this be?

This could be an ulnar nerve entrapment syndrome. It could be in the wrist, elbow, shoulder, or neck.

Is it true that the earth has an orbit of 28 days?

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How many days do coton de tulear stay pregnant?

About 63 days. It can vary slightly.

Could you have implantation bleeding 8 days before your regular period?

Yes! I did, and it was heavy like a period, lasted 5 days and I had cramping! Only difference was it was slightly pinkish, not blood red. By the way, I'm pregnant!!!!!

Your period is 3 days late and you have been slightly cramping for about a week Could you be pregnant?

when you miss your period, and if you are pregnant, does your body still cramp like it does when you are starting your period?

How Many months in 178 days?

There is about 6 months in 178 days (slightly less than 6).

Could taking 2 birth control pills a day for 5 days cause brown discharge after period?

Yes. It's hard to imagine why you would double the dose for five days, but doing so could cause spotting.

What are riding levels on Howrse?

There used to be riding levels but now it is just days of seniority. They do not exist anymore.

When can you determine pregnancy?

Serum HCG levels are detctable at low levels as early as 7-9 days after ovulation.

Can you get pregnant if you dont take your BC pills for two days then double up for the next two days and do this through the whole pack?

Never Double up. That's the worst thing you could do. If you miss a day, your supposed to throw that pack away and start a new one.