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Go to an Auto Zone or Advanced Auto Parts and have them read the code. It sounds like you may have a spark plug wire that is going bad.

2006-08-07 13:27:58
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Q: What could it mean when the engine light comes on my 98 Jeep Lardeo Lost a bit of take off power at first then i turned of engine and it seemed fine. Thanks?
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What would cause a 2.9 ford engine to start when cold then when warmed up turned off and gone to restart will not restart many thanks?

bad starter, or solenoid

Check engine light comes on when key turned on but not coming on once engine is turned on why?

It is not supposed to be on when engine is running unless there is a problem.

How do you get your check engine light turned off?

When a check engine light comes on, it means that there are issues with the engine. It gets turned off when the person resolves the problem that caused it to turn on.

Whirling noise under hood for 10 seconds after engine is turned off?

It is probably your cooling fans. These are electric and may run with the engine turned off. It is probably your cooling fans. These are electric and may run with the engine turned off.

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Is there a switch or fuse to allow ignition on the clutch or clutch pedal of a 1990 Isuzu Trooper 2?

Help me please - engaged clutch - turned key- engine turned over - power and all then died -- restarted - pop and no power as if battery died???? what can I trouble shoot and where to start???? Thanks

Why is your engine reving on it's own?

because someone probably turned the engine on

How can you get a code on an autoscanner without the engine being turned on?

The key has to be turned to the "Run" position, but the engine should not be running. The key has to be on to power up the ECU.

Why does the engine get louder when the wheel is turned?

the engine is using its power to run the power steering pump

Your engine does not crank when you turned on the engine but when you connect the solenoid to the battery the engine cranks?

Sounds like you might have a bad starter relay.

If The engine can be turned by hand does that mean its not locked up?

That is correct...

How to reset the engine check light?

The same way you turned it on

How is a Chevrolet 350 engine turned into a 383?

Different crankshaft.

Why would an engine shake in a 2002 dodge stratus when the car is turned on?

the engine mounts could be bad

Does the motor charge the battery when you run the engine?

No, the alternator recharges the battery. Of course the alternator is turned by the engine.

How does an engine turn off?

Gasoline engine - spark is cut off when ignition is turned off Diesel engine- fuel is cut off when engine is shut down

Why is fluid leaking out on a corsa when engine is running but stops when engine is turned off?

what kind of fluid, and what's a corsa?

What causes an engine to shut off when key is turned off?

Electrical circuit is broken. No electricity and the engine will not run.

How can a car move back and not be turned on?

it could maybe roll down if you are parked on a high hill. thanks for listening!

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Why does an engine keep running when ignition key is turned off?

Its not your engine. Its the fan running to cool the engine down. They all do it and nothing is wrong with your car.

2003 Ford Focus engine stalls when air conditioning is turned on?

why 2003 ford focus stall when air conditioner is turned on