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What could lumps on the back of your tongue be?


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2006-07-14 12:45:50
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Everyone has lumps on the back of their tounge. I have been told that they are taste buds.


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The cluster of pink lumps you have on the back of your tongue are supposed to be there. These are part of your taste buds.

u could have some kind of disese like aids or HIV if uve tongue kiss.

A lump at the back of your tongue could be something minor like an irritation. It could also be from allergies or an injury.

The picture of lumps on the back of the neck on the hairline could be as a result of the mumps of an infection. It is important to seek medical attention.Ê

The two big lumps on the back of your head could be normal, due to genetics, or it could be an indication of something serious. These lumps can be caused by an infection or they could be cancerous so it would be wise to make an appointment with your doctor immediately.

If you have bumps on back of your mouth and under your tongue and it hurts to swallow, you are most likely coming down with some kind of virus. It may be strep throat and will need to be checked out by a physician.

I dont know but it sounds painful. Erm the lumps could be your spine... Have you tried calling the NHS direct or visting your doctor he/she can give you an examination and a proper diagnosis as I'm not a doctor

Those are taste buds, slightly raised and larger than the rest, and can look like blisters, but they're just taste buds.

Bumps on the back of your tongue can be related to a cold or cough. It is also possible that you burned your tongue by eating something that was too hot.

Yes, they could be. How could anyone at a site like this eliminate that possibility? You should get to you medical doctor right away.

Get to a doc or to a clinic as soon as you can. You may or may not be seriously ill, but it would be unfortunate for you to spread what you have to people who may become seriously ill from it.

They could also be the normal circumvallate papillae.

Dost square and to burn the fat in the lumps away or you could have surgery but that is unnessery unless They are scars but if I had lumps I would do the exsersise because that is how I got rid of mine.

a camels lumps one it's back is called there water pouch. the reason for this is they store all there water into there lumps.

post nasal drip mabye check more on google to find out more and research or it could be with tonsil stones

No, your tongue can not fall off. You can cut off part of your tongue, but your tongue actually goes back really far, so it can't literally fall off. You could choke on your tongue. For example, if you're drunk and unconscious, you could swallow it, and you wouldn't be able to do anything about it. The tongue would then block the airway and you wouldn't be able to breathe. But no, you can't swallow your tongue lol.

on the back of the tongue it is the taste bitter.

There are multiple factors that could cause a tongue to develop red blisters. Vitamin deficiencies, geographic tongue, scarlet fever and Kawasaki syndrome are among these factors.

If you had an allergy to something you could have swelling in the back of your throat, which makes it really hard to swallow. It really hurts and it could kill you from restricted breathing.

Lymphoma does not usually present in this manner, I believe you meant to say, could a lump on my back be a lipoma (benign fatty tumor). The above is true, but would like to add that fatty lumps (even hard lumps) are not always cancerous. ANY LUMP should be seen by your doctor so get in there ASAP. It will put your mind at rest.

It could be back mouse also known as lipoma. I have what feels like several movable lumps just above hip bone. From what I read, don't massage the lumps, as they are lumps of fat full of nerve endings, and will only hurt worse. Massage around them. Also I have fibromyalgia and I think it may be related, so you might want to look into that. Good luck.

I have my tongue pierced i got it abut 3 weeks ago, my tongue only hurt well now.. before it was perfectly fine but now it hurts every time i move it.. my friends who have their tongues pierced said it only hurts a lot because I keep playing with it because its still an open wound trying to heal and figure out why you have a whole in it. You will be fine just keep cleaning it a lot for the first month or so with antiseptic mouthwash.

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