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Everyone has lumps on the back of their tounge. I have been told that they are taste buds.

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Q: What could lumps on the back of your tongue be?
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What is a cluster pink lumps on the back of the tongue?

The cluster of pink lumps you have on the back of your tongue are supposed to be there. These are part of your taste buds.

My tongue feels swollen i have lumps on it and my mouth is dry what could it be?

u could have some kind of disese like aids or HIV if uve tongue kiss.

White lump at back of your tongue?

A lump at the back of your tongue could be something minor like an irritation. It could also be from allergies or an injury.

What is wrong if you are 15 and your tongue has red raised lumps at back underneath and side of tongue uncomfortable to swallow and sore throat?

It should be an precaution or symptoms of tongue sore or it may be canker sore

I have bumps on the back of my mouth and lumps under my tongue it hurts to swallow?

If you have bumps on back of your mouth and under your tongue and it hurts to swallow, you are most likely coming down with some kind of virus. It may be strep throat and will need to be checked out by a physician.

What are the two big bumps on the back your head?

The two big lumps on the back of your head could be normal, due to genetics, or it could be an indication of something serious. These lumps can be caused by an infection or they could be cancerous so it would be wise to make an appointment with your doctor immediately.

What could be back pain and lumps or hard spots inside your back be?

I dont know but it sounds painful. Erm the lumps could be your spine... Have you tried calling the NHS direct or visting your doctor he/she can give you an examination and a proper diagnosis as I'm not a doctor

What are the lumps on the back of the tongue?

Those are taste buds, slightly raised and larger than the rest, and can look like blisters, but they're just taste buds.

What could be the cause of the red bumps on the back of your tongue and throat Both your tongue and throat are sore?

Deficiency of the vitamins the tongue sore is the cause to tongue sore.

Could lumps on lower back be cancerous?

Yes, they could be. How could anyone at a site like this eliminate that possibility? You should get to you medical doctor right away.

What could red bumps on the back of the tongue be strep throat?

They could also be the normal circumvallate papillae.

Lumps on the back of my tongue and flu like symptoms?

Get to a doc or to a clinic as soon as you can. You may or may not be seriously ill, but it would be unfortunate for you to spread what you have to people who may become seriously ill from it.

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