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If the truck is manual. There are a couple of place to check. A bad ignition switch, bad clutch interlock switch or a bad starter relay.

If it is an automatic. The selector switch could be bad.

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Q: What could make a Starter in a 1992 Nasson 4-cylinder truck quits working?
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Why is the starter on my S-10 not working?

Could be,Battery failure, Loose or corroded battery connections, Starter relay failure, Starter failure, Starter solenoid failure, Neutral safety switch broken or out of adjustment,

Why won't my riding lawn mower turn over?

Could be -battery dead -ignition switch broken -safety switches not working -solenoid switch not working -brushes bad in starter -gear warn out on starter -starter motor dirty -starter no good -belts to tight on deck any of the above.

How do you know if the starter is not working in a Sunfire?

If the starter isn't working, the car will not crank at all. When you turn the key you will either get a clicking sound (which could also mean a dead battery), or you will hear the sound of an electric motor spinning and nothing else.

Clicking and will not start?

Could be the battery is drained or bad. Could be battery connections at battery and or starter are dirty and or loose. Could be starter solenoid is bad. Could be starter is bad.

Battery works starter will not turn Is it the starter?

That is not anywhere near enough information to make a determination about the status of the starter. Could be the starter, but could be the starter solenoid, wiring problems or even the ignition switch.

What causes your starter to keep grinding with your flywheel on a ford ranger 5- speed?

I've had a sticky starter solenoid do this to me. I just hit it with a hammer and it's been working since. But you could replace it too.

1999 Dodge Neon and it won't start just clicks when you turn the key already replaced the starter what do you think could be the problem?

If you have already replaced the battery, then you have a few other things to look at.It could be the starter itselfit could be the starter solenoid which might be integrated with the starter or mounted somewhere in the engine compartment. You can find it by tracing the thick positive wire (red - about the size of a finger) to where it goes. If it goes directly to the starter then the solenoid is integrated and more difficult to testIt could be the positive wire itself and is not making a good connection to the battery or starter/starter solenoidIt could also be the ground wire (Black - about the size of a finger). If this wire is not making a good connection from the battery to the engine block, it will keep the starter from workingI would start with the wires, making sure you have a good connection and then work your way to the starter. The clicking is usually a result of the starter not getting enough current to crank the engine.

Why wont starter engage all the time when i turn on the key on a 96 pa?

Could possibly a solenoid on the starter going bad. Could possibly a solenoid on the starter going bad. Could possibly a solenoid on the starter going bad.

What could cause your motor not to turn over if you have a new battery and new starter?

Could be the starter relay

What could be wrong with your starter if the car is not starting up?

Bad starter, bad starter solenoid, or the problem might not be the starter at all.

1993 ford taruas wont startand the headlightsare working and battery is good what could be wrong?

could be a starter relay switch check it. it may be mounted on he fire wall or finder well

1992 ford escort and i have eveything electrical working in it but i cant get the car to start i do here a clicking sound though by the starter do you have any idea what the problem could be?



Can be a dead battery, defective starter, loose or corroded battery connection, or blown main fuse. If nothing comes on when you turn on the ignition switch and your interior lights are not working it is not the starter.

What is starter drag?

Starter Drag is when the teeth on the starter that spin the flywheel drag. It could break teeth off of starter possibly have to replace/ rebuild starter.

What is relevant cost?

A managerial accounting term that is used to describe costs that are specific to management's decisions. The concept of relevant costs eliminates unnecessary data that could complicate the decision-making process. Miss Nasson, India

What could cause the starter not to work in a 1987 Dodge Dakota 4 cylinder?

one of a few things your starter could be bad bad starter relay bad starter selenoid bad ignition switch

Your car will not turn overthe battery is strong and the alternator is working could the starter just need to be tapped or should you replace it It has never given any signs of going out?

Chances are the starter solenoid has developed a bad spot. If you are handy you could try to replace just the solenoid otherwise it may be time for the starter/solenoid combo.I assume you have checked your battery cables.

Why would a Chevy lumina try to fire up but it won't turn over?

Could possibly be the starter-it may not be working properly. The best way I think to test a starter is to hotwire it from a battery and jump stop start it by grounding it out with a screwdriver.

Why is the starting motor not cranking the engine?

I can give you COULD BE answers without actually seeing the engine. COULD BE a bad starter. COULD BE a bad selenoind. COULD BE a bad starter drive. COULD BE a couple of teeth missing off the flywheel, not allowing the starter to engage.

Why Ford truck does not start after turning off engine?

The starter could be bad. Or the battery. The starter could be bad. Or the battery.

Car wont start but starter clicks?

The battery could be (almost) dead, or a battery cable could be lose. I would start by verying these. Also could be: Seized engine Bad starter Bad starter solenoid

2000 Ford Falcon wont start has fuel compression spark and starter motor works but wont fire it was working?

it could me bad fuel ..or fuel pump

My car won't start the battery seems fine the fan and belts are working but the car will not turn over?

Maybe try the starter or the clyinide. Hope I could help.

Why did my odometer stop working after I'd switched battery in a Toyota Highlander?

It could be that you starter motor is going to give you trouble. This used to happen on Ford Transit Vans

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