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What could possibly slow down computer operation?


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October 14, 2017 6:45PM

Possible things that could slow down your computer:

- Viruses, some viruses will dramatically slow your computer as some eat away at your memory!!

- Your memory may be a bit low, to check how much you have left just open my computer and right click on the C drive and click properties, if the memory is low, uninstall un-needed items!!

- You may have too many pages up at a time! It all depends on how fast your prossessor is, so close down un-needed pages and see how things go.

- If your in my position.. Your computer may be just getting a bit old. Mines atleast 5 - 7 years old.

It could either be your system or the fact that you have too much stuff on it, like pictures, music, videos, viruses, desktop background, or you have installed a lot of software.

5 ways to help you speed up your computer

1. Repair your Windows Registry

2. Remove Spyware or Adware from your computer

3. Scan for and remove a computer virus

4. Increase the expandable memory on your computer

5. Remove any large unwanted files, unused applications or other items that are taking up valuable space on your pc.

If you can remove these errors and make these simple changes then you will speed up a computer For more Possible solutions read here

Your computer is running on low memory? Troubleshoot Now !! .