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What could white spots on your face be is these are of vitiligo?

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There are many skin conditions which causes white spots. Most common in which is the skin condition Vitiligo. And other are Albinism, Nevus de pigmentosus, Pityriasis Alba, White scars and hypo pigmentation and Idiopathic guttate hypomelanosis.

Color of our skin is called skin pigment, and the process of coloration of skin is called pigmentation. When a loss of pigmentation occurs in certain part of skin, a white spots appear in that part.

2009-01-28 12:15:34
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Q: What could white spots on your face be is these are of vitiligo?
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How do you get rid of white spots on my face?

It's either vitiligo or your not eating right

White spots on face?

The following are possible causes of white spots on the face:Leucoderma (Vitiligo)Fungal infectionPityriasis albaMiliaLeprosyPregnancyPoikiloderma of civatteLichen Sclerosis

Did Michael Jackson really dye his face white or does he have Vitiligo?

He had vitiligo.

What kind of skin disease that has white spots on face?

Vitiligo is often seen are face, neck, waist, limbs, armpit, anal area, and female genital area. Occasionally there can be hairs that turn white in the affected parts of severe cases.

Can white spots on the face be cancerous?


Why do you get tiny white spots on your face?

It's the natural result of a facial. Are they calcium spots?

Is acro-orificial and acrofacial vitiligo same?

Acrofacial vitiligo is the type of vitiligo in which white patches occur away from the center of the body like face, facial orifices and distal end of fingers.I haven't heard of acro-orificial vitiligo. But from its name it seems that the type of vitiligo in which white patches occur on facial orifices so I think these both are same.For more information on vitiligo visit:http://www.vitiligoguide.com

What is causing white spots on my back neck and face?

Many skin disorders are associated with white spots so it is difficult to distinguish a particular disease. Vitiligo, Nevus depigmentosus, Pityriasis Alba, White scars and hypo-pigmentation, and Idiopathic guttate hypomelanosis are some of the diseases that are associated with white spots or patches.As you have accounted that you have got white spots and not patches than this disease may be Nevus depigmentosus, Idiopathic guttate hypomelanosis, or Pityriasis Alba because these are the only diseases that are associated with white spots. I'm not sure about it.To diagnose your disease in a better and accurate way you must consult a skin specialist. Further information on symptoms and causes of these diseases can be found at: should provided some pictorial references then it will be easier to infer the problem.

Why do you have white spots on your face?

Usually is because you need more vitamins

What is the name of a black spider with white smiley face spots?

The spider with a black body and white smiley face spots is the jumping spider. It's scientific name is Phidippus audax. It is harmless to people.

What are white spots on your face?

White-heads (or infected pores filled with sebum alais pus)

What kind of cockatiel has no yellow only gray and white and has no spots on the cheeks?

White face cockatiels

What are red spots on your face?

It could be just a rash or acne.

Is vitiligo curable 2012?

Those who have never experienced fighting against vitiligo will probably never understand the pains and sufferings brought by it. After nearly 7 years' living in nightmare, I wish I could have the opportunity to talk my experience fighting vitiligo to friends who are still struggling with vitiligo. I hope I can help them restore their confidence and get rid of this pain as early as possible. Now the white patches of my neck disappeared, there are only a few white dots left on the face. My disease is basically cured, and I am very cheerful. Here is the information about the hospital that cured my disease: www vitiligotcm com

Why do you see spots?

if u don't wash your face u will get spots on your face dont pick spots or you will spread your spots

Should your bullmastiff have a white face?

Your Bullmastiff could have a white face but it depends on the dog.

Can calcium deficiency cause white spots on the face?

Yes, this white spots on face can be easily removed by taking calcium it is mainly cause by deficiency of calcium in body..........i have done this method and it is really effective and tablets are also easily available.......

What could cause red spots on face and chest?

Excema or bacteria ( which is pimples )

What causes white spots on the face?

It would likely be a condition called vertiligo. .a pigment disorder.

What kind of lizard is small and black with white spots on the face?

A Gecko usuall a knob tailed one

What kind of spider is black and furry and with white spots that look like a face on its back?

A Jumping Spider

What are these Little white spots under eyelids and face?

They're white-heads. They will go away. Just leave them alone. Don't worry.

What makes you get spots on your face?

What color, brown? White? Red? Each has a different cause and a different cure. Brown spots are caused from the sun. We are not born with brown spots and we get our first one with our first sunburn.

What causes lighter blotches on a person's face around the mouth?

An occurrence of blotches on a person's face around the mouth could be vitiligo. This disease occurs when melanocytes, or pigment cells, die and cannot function.

Why does royal icing develop spots?

spots as in on your face