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you could buy 50 pounds of candy

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Q: What could you buy in 1945 with a quarter?
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Why did the Jews buy land in the Palestinian Quarter?

There is no such thing as "the Palestinian Quarter", so Jews could not buy land there.

1945 quarter value?

A 1/4 of 1945 is 486.25

What are the ratings and certificates for Latin Quarter - 1945?

Latin Quarter - 1945 is rated/received certificates of: Finland:K-16

What is the Silver content of 1945 quarter?

90% silver

What can you buy with a quarter pipe?

You could sell a nice quarter pipe on ebay for 100 or 150 dollars. The person you are selling it to should be close enough so they can pick it up themselves.

What are the release dates for Latin Quarter - 1945?

Latin Quarter - 1945 was released on: UK: 16 October 1945 (London) UK: 11 February 1946 USA: 19 July 1946 Denmark: 20 November 1946 Finland: 21 March 1947

How much could 1 Sen buy in Japan in 1945?

1 Sen was worth about as much as 50 dollars is worth today

Where could I buy a very very small video camera only as wide as a quarter and no longer than six inches?

in the inventor itself

Where can you buy quarter sized turtles?

Turtle shack

What was the submarine that could go around the world without refuling in 1945?

There was no submarine that could do that as early as 1945

What is the value of a 1945 Canada quarter?

It varies daily depending on the rate of exchange, but it is approximately $7.20.

How do you get quarter horses ga on Howrse?

You are going to have to buy a quarter horse and put the golden apple on the horse or you can either buy the horse in the sales or direct sales if you have access.

How much for a quarter hind of beef a pound?

Depends where you buy it.

How do you put a hole in a quarter?

you could shoot it

Can a quarter float in water?

No a quarter cant float in water. If you want you could try it yourself!

How long did the US participate in the World War 2?

December 1941 to august 1945 December 8, 1941 to September 2, 1945. About three and three-quarter years.

Where do you buy 67 Plymouth belvedere quarter panels? or

How much is a 1935-1945 quarter worth?

Common date circulated silver quarters are worth about $2.75 each.

What is a quarter of a mm?

There is no specific name. A quarter of a mm could also be known as 250 micrometres and so on.

What starts with a q that you can draw?

You could draw a quarter.

What is the value of a silver Washington quarter?

As of mid-2010 they're worth about $3.25 for their silver content but some dates and mint marks could be worth much more to a collector. Check for a mint mark under the bow of the wreath on the back (D, S, or nothing) and look for a previously-answered question in the formWhat is the value of a US quarter?for example, What is the value of a 1945 US quarter?

How much is the 1945 pure silver qaurter worth?

A 1945 Washington quarter is only 90% silver. No U.S coins made for general circulation are pure silver. 1945 is a common date. The value is just for the silver about $5.50 today.

What could a dollar buy in 1865?

you could buy a car a TV a mansion YOU COULD BUY A SIMS GAME

Which two phases could the moon be in if you see half of the lighted portion of the moon?

First Quarter or Third Quarter.

What is the worlds rarest quarter?

hard to tell. could be the minnasota extra tree error but probably the 3031 quarter