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What countries does the river Volga go though?

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Only flows through Russia

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The Volga River flows through Central Russia

Yes they do and go fishing as well

Very slowly, possibly less than walking pace.

people take showers and baths in the river they also can use it to wash their clothes or go to the toilet

The Congo River flows through six countries. They are the Republic of Congo, Zaire, Angola, Zambia, Cameroon and Tanzania.

nizhny novgorod ,izhevsk , kazan , kirov , penza , samara , saratov , volgograd , ulyanovsk .

The Nile River goes through many countries like Egypt and Nubia.

The Nile in Egypt is of course one of the top places for a river cruise. Many people just fail to realize they are available. Others are the Volga River in Russia, The Yangtze in China, and the Amazon river in Brazil.

check the mine go though the cave then your at the river

The river Nile goes through Africa.

The Nile River runs through 11 countries.

He did not. Cosmonaut (and first man in space) Yuri Gagarin attended technical high school in Saratov (a city on the Volga River), and then attended the Orenburg Pilot's School (in the Volga Federal District, about 1000 miles southeast of Moscow).

The River Thames is wholly within England although there is another river by that name in Canada.

Consult your atlas or go to google

The Amazon River goes through 6 countries. Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela. The actual Amazon River starts and ends in Brazil, but it's tributaries, rivers that are branched off the Amazon River, have different names and go through more than one country. Except they only go through those 6 countries.

U.S.A. / Canada-Toronto and Quebec

The Amazon runs through two countries. It runs through Brazil and Peru.

The River Tiber is the third longest river in Italy. It starts at Mount Fumaiolo, Italy, and ends at the Tyrrhenian Sea, Italy.

If you want to. It might be against local law though, or it might not.

No. The Mississippi River makes up the entire east border of MO going north & south. It's the Mo river that goes into Kansas

Peru, Colombia, Brazil, Bolivia, Venezuela, Ecuador and Guyana.

The Colorado river flows through the states Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, California, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming in the USA

The Nile river goes through ,Rwanda ,Ethiopia, Tanzania ,Sudan and Egypt .

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