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What countries have a rainforest?


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South America has the world largest rainforest (Amazon Basin). And Queensland, Australia has the 2nd largest rainforest (The Daintree).

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the rainforest is in warm countries.

there are 6 countries in the amazon rainforest

are there some countries near the tropical rainforest

The big Amazon rainforest. In Brazil too.

mostly the amozon rainforest is located in Brazil

Spanish speaking countries that contain a rainforest are Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, and Paraguay. Other countries are Costa Rica, Belize, and Panama.

The temperate rainforest is found in the west coast of some countries

The Congo rainforest is located in Africa. The Congo rainforest is so large that it is located in six different countries.

Paraguay has a good deal of rainforest, but is not near the Amazon, besides Uruguay has not rainforest at all.

Brazil which has the largest rainforest in the world, Cameroon, Colombia, Dr Congo,Indonesia, Gabon

rainforest of Indonesia & Southeast Asia

It belongs to nine countries and most of it belongs to Brazil

See countries below- right hand margin

the democratic republic of congo

There are six countries that the Congo Rainforest can be found in. They are Cameroon, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Republic of the Congo, Equatorial Guinea and Gabon.

The Amazon rainforest, is the world’s largest tropical rainforest.It is on the South American continent.

The amazon rainforest is so big that it covers many countries like:VenezuelaColombiaEcuadorPeruBoliviaBrazilThese countries are all in South America

country"s such as africa,brazil,south america ]

Norway is conserving most of its original rainforest.

No there are many different countries with different rainforests.

The Congo Rainforest is the second largest tropical forest in the world. It covers six countries and 700,000 square miles.

no, South American rainforest countries are the rainiest.

There are many countries in which you can find a variety of natural rainforests. Brazil is one country where you can find rainforests.

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