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What countries made up the Allies?

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France, England, China, Russia, United States

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What countries made up the allies power?


What countries made up the axis and allies powers?

Germany, Japan and Itali

Who made up the Axis who made up the Allies?

You momma made up the axis and allies

What countries made up the allies in World War II?

The main 3 countries in the allies were America, England, and France. However, several countries in the world fought against Germany, Japan, and Italy.

Which countries made up both the Allies and Axis powers?

The allies were the U.S., Soviet Union, and Britain, The axis were Germany, Italy, and Japan.

What therr major countries made up the allied powers?

The allies were England, France, and the USA.

What countries made up the allies and the axis powers?

The Axis powers were Japan, Germany and Italy

Which four countries made up allies who defeated the german Reich in World War 2?

The countries that made up the Allies in World War I were the United States, Great Britain, France, and Russia. The United States joined the effort late in the war.

What are some countries made up the allied forces?

The main Allies were USA, Britain and her Commonwealth, most of the European countries and Brazil.

What countries made up the allies powers in World War 2?

the british, the Americans and what was left of the french.

What countries did the US fight in world war 2?

The Axis countries were made up of seven countries: Germany, Italy, Japan, Hungary(switched to the allies), Romania, Bulgaria and Yugoslavia.

How did the Allies handle Germany and Japan after the war?

They just kind of let them go, they didn't really punish them. While the Allies didn't like the countries to much, they later "made up".

What three countries made up the allies?

(Please specify) In world war one the alliances consisted of Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy.

What are facts about united kingdom?

It is a island.The United Kingdom are our allies, made up of English, Scottish, Irish, British, and other allied countries.

What counties made up the allies?

Lots of counties, but not that many countries. Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK, France, USA, Russia

In 1914 the Allies consisted of which of the following groups of countries?

At the end of 1914 there were four main countries that made up the Allies. These were the Triple Entente - Russia, France and the United Kingdom - and Japan also joined the Allies in that year. However, these countries brought all of their territories and dependencies with them. There were other countries involved as well. Therefore, if the world's countries were what they are now in 1914, the Allies were Russia, France, the United Kingdom, Japan, Serbia, Belgium, Montenegro, Canada, Australia, India, New Zealand and South Africa.

How did all of the countries in Europe end up in ww1?

It was a matter of allies of countries. EX: France and UK are allies, so one would call in the other for help.

What is the Allies and Axis in World War 2?

It is when Hitler started taking over countries, the axis were the people Hitler made join him, and the Allies were people that were tired of him and joined up together to help take him down.

How many countries made up the Allies in World War 1?

i think 5-7 maybe sorry im not an expert by OO U

What side did us fight on during ww1?

We were on the allies side. The countries that made the allies were France, Russia,Italy,America,Belgium ,and Serbia.

Which countries made up the Central Powers and Allies during World War 1?

Germany, Austria/Hungary & Turkey: Central powers. Allies; Britain & the Empire & Commonwealth, France, Russia, Italy, the USA, Japan.

What is political allies?

Political allies are countries that help other countries in war or something.

What countries of Europe are allies?

All countries contained within the E.U are allies. All N.A.T.O members in europe are also allies.

Which countries and figureheads made up the allies and axis powers of world war 2?

Germany , Italy , Japan , United Kingdom , United States , and Soviet Union

What countries made up the triple alliance?

Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy it changed to the Central Powers however later during WWI...Italy joined the Allies. :)