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France, England, China, Russia, United States

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Q: What countries made up the Allies?
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What countries made up the axis and allies powers?

Germany, Japan and Itali

Who made up the Axis who made up the Allies?

You momma made up the axis and allies

What countries made up the allies and the axis powers?

The Axis powers were Japan, Germany and Italy

What therr major countries made up the allied powers?

The allies were England, France, and the USA.

What countries made up the allies in World War II?

The main 3 countries in the allies were America, England, and France. However, several countries in the world fought against Germany, Japan, and Italy.

Which countries made up both the Allies and Axis powers?

The allies were the U.S., Soviet Union, and Britain, The axis were Germany, Italy, and Japan.

What are some countries made up the allied forces?

The main Allies were USA, Britain and her Commonwealth, most of the European countries and Brazil.

Which four countries made up allies who defeated the german Reich in World War 2?

The countries that made up the Allies in World War I were the United States, Great Britain, France, and Russia. The United States joined the effort late in the war.

What countries made up the allies powers in World War 2?

the british, the Americans and what was left of the french.

What countries did the US fight in world war 2?

The Axis countries were made up of seven countries: Germany, Italy, Japan, Hungary(switched to the allies), Romania, Bulgaria and Yugoslavia.

How did the Allies handle Germany and Japan after the war?

They just kind of let them go, they didn't really punish them. While the Allies didn't like the countries to much, they later "made up".

How did countries become allies?

countries became allies by bonding with countries that either they wanted to be allied to or were asked to be allies by a country

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