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The countries affected were:

  1. Germany
  2. Areas annexed by Germany (such as Austria, the Czech lands)
  3. German satellite states (like Slovakia)
  4. Countries invaded by Germany, like the Netherlands
  5. Most of Germany's allies, especially Croatia and Romania
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Q: What countries were affected by the Holocaust?
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What 4 countries were affected by the holocaust?

need inser

What countries was affected by the holocaust?

netherlands,poland and france

Did every Jew die in the Holocaust?

No, some of them escaped and others lived in countries that were not directly affected by the Holocaust.

What 3 countries were affected by the holocaust?

The three most affected were no doubt Germany, Poland and the Ukraine.

How was Spain affected by the Holocaust?

Spain was not affected by the holocaust. Germany was the sole cause of the holocaust and never controlled Spain.

What Jews from what countries the holocaust were affected by?

about 65 million Jews died or got buried alive.

What countries were mostly affected by the Holocaust?

Mostly the Jews, gays and Gypsies of Central Europe, Germany, Austria, Poland and neighboring countries.

Other than local countries what other countries were nationally affected by the holocaust?

What do you mean by 'local countries'? I also wonder if you are confusing World War 2 with the Holocaust. Please see related question (below) for list of countries occupied by Germany in World War 2.

How many Jews were affected during the Holocaust?

Six million Jews died during the Holocaust. Many more (e.g. their families, friends, etc.) were affected. About 5 million Jews were murdered in the Holocaust. More than hundreds of thousands of Jews emigrated away to different countries.

How did the Holocaust impact the Constitution?

The US Constitution was not affected by Holocaust.

How did they kill people in the African Holocaust?

Africa was not affected by the Holocaust.

What Nazi pictures are you legally allowed to use?

This depends upon where you are; the laws/restrictions in countries affected by the Holocaust have stricter terms. Countries who were not involved like the USA or China have no restrictions.

What exactly did the Americans do to help the countries affected by the Holocaust?

It sounds as if you are confusing the holocaust (genocide and mass murder of Jews, Gypsies, political opponents and other by the Nazis) with World War 2.

Was Nicaragua affected by the Holocaust?


How did the Holocaust affect people?

The holocaust affected people by not trusting anyone

For how long were peoples lives affected by the Holocaust?

peoples lives were affected for a long time after the holocaust including the families of those that had died.

Who was effected by the Holocaust?

The people most affected by the holocaust were the members of the Jewish community.

What effect did the Holocaust have on Great Britain?

Britain was not affected by the Holocaust (Nazi genocide).

Was the us affected by the Holocaust?


Who was affected during World War 2 and the Holocaust?

during world war 2 most major countries were effected. during the holocaust people of Jewish heritage were affected. also prisoners of war were taken and given similar treatment to those of whom were Jewish or of Jewish heritage.

What groups of people were affected by the holocaust?

Mainly Jews, homosexuals, POWs , Romas, but also, citizens of other countries like USSR and Poland.

How many countries did the Holocaust effect?

i think every country on the planet had in someway been affected, easily more than half the population.

Are people are still affected by the holocaust?

those who were a part of it will never cease to be affected by it.

What countries were responsible for the Holocaust?

Germany is the country that made the holocaust

What cities were affected by the Holocaust in Germany?

All cities with a Jewish population were affected. However, that seems obvious and I wonder if you are equating the holocaust with World War 2?