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Mainly Israel on one side, and on the other side was Hezbollah, the Amal Movement, the Syrian Socialist National Party (SSNP), the PFLP-GC, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and a handfull of Somali mercenaries. The Lebanese Army was also involved in a few skirmishes with Israeli forces, but officially remained neutral despite losing 28 soldiers. Syria also threathened to intervene, but never entered the conflict. The United States did supply Israel with material support, but did not engage in combat.

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Q: What countries were involved in the 2006 Lebanon war?
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What were the names of the wars between 1950 and 2007?

* First Indo-Pak war, 1947-49 Countries involved: India vs. Pakistan. * Iran, Guatemala andChile, 1953, 1954, 1973 Countries involved: United-States-backed coups in Iran, Guatemala and Chile. * Lebanese Civil War, 1978, 1982 Countries involved: Israel vs. Lebanon. * Croatian War of Independence, 1991-1992 Countries involved: Croatia vs. Yugoslavia. * Border War, 1995 Countries involved: Ecuador vs. Peru. * Kosovo War, 1999 Countries involved: The countries of NATO vs. Yugoslavia. * Fourth Indo-Pak War (Kargil War), 1999Countries involved: India vs. Pakistan. * Israel-Lebanon War, 2006 Countries involved: Israel vs. Lebanon * IraqWar, 2007 Countries involved: Iraq, Afghanistan, America, and Britain. This is from Priyanka Jasraj =D

What country was involved in the 2006 Arab-Israeli dispute?

2006 Israeli War with Hezbollah was not a mere dispute. There was an incredible amount of violence and death in southern Lebanon. The country involved was Lebanon.

What countries were involved in the Lebanon war?

You need to be more specific about which war in Lebanon you are referring to. There have been several in the last 30 years. If you are referring to the latest clashes in southern Lebanon (circa 2006), that fighting was between the IDF (Israeli Defense Force) and Hezbollah (one of the major paramilitary powers in Lebanon). The United States was not involved militarily. The Lebanese Civil War of the 1980s involved various Lebanese factions, Syria, and Israel in addition to foreign peacekeeper forces.

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Israel became involved in the civil war in Lebanon because the POL was based there.

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123 countries involved in the war

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to gain power ;p

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What are some wars that involved Israel?

Israel was involved in the Lebanon War. They were also involved in the Arab-Israeli war. Another war they were in was the Persian Gulf war. These all took place in different years though.

In the early 1980s Lebanon was Not what?

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