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The US Navy and Australia and some Canadians, and, er, Japan.

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Whitch countries were involved in world war 2 in addition to America and japan?

there are 12 main countries that were involved in World War 1.

what were the names of the leaders in world war 1

Most countries - that's why it was called a world war.

There were not only two countries.

There hasn't been a World War 3 yet.

Most Asian countries were involved in World War 2

Switzerland, Turkey, Portugal, Sweden, and Spain were neutral countries in World War 2.

123 countries involved in the war

World War II Facilities at Midway was created in 1941.

Because most of the major countries of the world were involved in the fighting.

World War one was the first great war. It was the biggest war the world had seen and involved many countries.

There were over 100 countries involved in WW1 There were 57countries involved in WW2

the united states entered the war late on both world war 1 and world war 2 they involved most of the same countries they both affected the world greatly they both involved many countries the allied powers won both

Because it had diffferent countries from around the world involved and fighting in it.

There are a number of powers who were involved in the World War 1. Russia, Germany and France were the main countries in the war among others.

because many countries and continents were involved in the conflict.

The countries involved had colonies all over the world, and they were at war too.

World War I was also called 'The Great War'. It was given that name because it involved all of the world's great powers or most influential and important countries.

There were over 100 countries involved in WW1 There were 57countries involved in WW2

world war 1 is the first world war. Nearly all countries were involved in the fighting. The Major countries were Germany France and Brittan

Ireland was a neutral country in World War 2. So it was not directly involved in the war and did not invade any countries.

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