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He was the king of France before the French Revolution

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Q: What country did King Louis XVI?
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Which country Did King Louis the XVI belong to?

Louis XVI was King of France until he was deposed by the French Revolution.

What did King Louis XVI do for his country?

It can be said that he died for his country.

King Louis XVI the Sun King?

No, Louis XIV was the sun king. Louis XVI was the last king.

What did King Louis XVI do as king?

Reign his country the best way he knew how.

What did King Louis XVI accomplish?

He gave his life and his head for his country.

Who were the kings of France?


How old was King Louis XVI when he died?

King Louis XVI died at the age of 38.

When was King Louis XVI killed?

King Louis XVI was guillotined / executed on 21 January 1793.

Did king Louis xvi tax his people?

King Louis XVI did tax his people, a lot of money.

What issue was faced by king Louis XVI in the war?

he was helping another country get rid of it's king

Where was king Louis xvi crowend king of France?

King Louis XVI was crowned in the cathedral of Reims on June 11, 1775.

Who was Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette?

Louis XVI was a famous French king back in the 1780's. He was the king in the French Revolution. His wife was Marie Antoinette. She was actually Austrian. She married Louis XVI as a young lady, and her country was furious with her. She was more worried about fashion than her dying country. They were both executed by a guillotine.

What is King Louis XVI of France's birthday?

King Louis XVI of France was born on August 23, 1754.

When was King Louis XVI of France born?

King Louis XVI of France was born on August 23, 1754.

What influence did King Louis XVI have on the monarch?

This is confusing. King Louis XVI was the monarch, since a monarch is a king.If you are asking what influence King Louis XVI had on the monarchy, you may be getting confused with King Louis XIV, his ancestor.Louis XVI's influence on the monarchy was to have it abolished, as he was King during the French Revolution.

When did Louis XVI die?

King Louis XVI was executed on January 21st 1793.

When did Louis XVI become king?

Louis XVI succeeded to the throne in 1774, he was 19.

How long did Louis XVI reign?

King Louis XVI reigned from 1774 to 1793.

What was king Louis XVI convicted of?

King Louis XVI was executed during the French Revolution because the French wanted to change their form of government and country. King Louis XVI really did nothing out of the ordinary for French kings, he was just the wrong king at the wrong time; the French kings have been abusing their wealth and power for a long time and it finally caught up to the monarchs during King Louis XVI's reign. NEW RESPONDENT King Louis XVI was convicted of high traison.

Who was King Louis XVIII?

He was the younger brother of King Louis XVI.

King Louis XVI is from what country?

He was the King of France, married to Marie Antoinette both were guillotined during the Revolution.

Was king Louis xvi a bad man?

King Louis XVI was not a bad man at all. He was a good and kind man and a similar king.

Did King Louis XVI have a nickname?

Louis XVI: the Restorer of French Liberty, the Last, the Baker, the Martyr, the Martyr King.

How did eropeans react to the death of king Louis xvi?

They were very hapy they celebrated an 1hr after the death of king louis xvi....

What was King Louis XVI surname?

Louis Auguste