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There are two halves to this question.

Originally Tai Chi was a secret kept by the Chen Village that Yang Lu Tang convinced them to teach him, which he in turn spread throughout China due to him being a near invincible martial artist that inspired awe in each person who crossed paths with him. Yang Lu Tang's students created multiple Tai Chi lineages that spread throughout China and became widely popularized throughout China, initially as a martial art and later as a healing method.

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The second part is explained in the opening to the book "Opening the Energy Gates of Your Body" by Tai Chi Master Bruce Frantzis (while the first one came from the appendix in "Power of the Internal Martial Arts and Chi").

In modern times, Tai Chi gained immense popularity because the Chinese government had a massive need for a economical health care system for their gigantic population and they made Tai Chi a core component (since proper daily Tai Chi practice will cure most health ailments, it was stipulated that 3 months of daily practice was required before an individual was given access to medical care).

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Tai Chi is from China although it can now be found in most parts of the world.inclooding my but

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Q: What country did tai chi come from?
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