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she comes from a caribbean country

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Beyonce is from the U.S., Texas

Beyonce was born in America.

what influence did Beyonce have on the community, the country, or the world?

Beyonce came from Houston, Texas.

hey beyonce when will you come to quincy

Beyonce lives in thwe united states , and was born in Houston, Texas.

Beyonce Knowles was born in Houston,Texas U.S.A

Chistiano in the streets but beyonce in the back country

beyonce's mum come from France

from her grandma noooooo beyonce's mum gave beyonce her middle name as her first name! BEYONCE_ME!!

Beyonce has stated that she will be a working mom. However, her daughter will come first.

Beyonce's new album is out now!

The release date of Dangerously in Love by Beyonce was June 24, 2003!

With all the press Beyonce gets, something like this would have come out long ago. This is the type of thing that the gossip papers go for. If they haven't found this out about Beyonce, then I would say the answer is no.No she is not.

She was born in Houston, Texas, United States.

come up with some ideas and write a speech. ex. beyonce was a famous singer when she grew up

I'd Say That You Would Half To Pay $5m To Beyonce For Your Whole School

halo by beyonce came out in 2009

Beyonce used to be part of girl group Destinys child but they broke up in 2005, to pursue solo careers

The lyrics in "Check On It" by Beyonce is about her spotting a boy away that is checking her out. The song continues on about how if he is checking her out he should come over and see her.

One can find current news on Beyonce on the New York Daily News website. Their website is NYDailyNews. One can go there and look up Beyonce and the news will come up.

That's a stupid question but if you really didn't know then it's The USA.

No, they're not. (They're not even from the same country or of the same race.)

beyonce is. beyonce: 27 solange:24

No Beyonce is not single. Beyonce is married to Jay-z.

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