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What country does MRI stand for?

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Mauritius. An island in the Indian ocean, east of Madagascar.

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What does a MRI stand for?

what do MRI standss for

What does MRI stand for MRI scanners?

Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Do you stand for the MRI scan?

Magnetic resonance imaging.

What does the T stand for in 1.5 T MRI scanner?

It stands for Tesla Hope this helps :D

What do the initials MRI stand for or mean?

The meaning I know is 'Magnetic Resonance Imaging', though there will be others

Do you say an MRI or a MRI?

an MRI

What certification do you need for an open mri tecnician job?

In order to get an MRI job you require a MRI certification granted by the American Registry of Magnetic Resonance Imaging Technologists. Courses are offered in many post-secondary education venues throughout the country.

Will my head be out of the MRI for an MRI of my tibia?

If the MRI technologist positions you with your leg going into the magnet (the MRI machine) then your head would be out of it. Call the facility where you are scheduled to have the MRI and ask to speak with the MRI technologist and they can fully explain to you exactly how you will be positioned.

What does ledc stand for?

what does LEDC stand for?Less economy developed country

What is the size and weight of a MRI machine?

An MRI machine would be the size and weight of an MRI machine.

What does MRI stand for in the US Army?

In the US Army, MRI usually stands for magnetic resonance imaging. That's what it stands for most other places, too. Also, it could be morning room inspection. There are a number of other things MRI stands for, and a list can be found by using the link below.For the meaning of MRE, use the link below.

Where can you find an mri tech job?

You can find an mri tech job at,,

Are open mri technician classes easy?

In order to receive your MRI certification you must attend a class first, these classes can be taken in colleges across the country, you can also take the classes in many hospitals and clinics.

Is a MRI a treatment?

No. It is not a treatment it is a scan. An MRI is a Magnetic Resonance Imaging. MRI are used for imaging tissues.

What country does gr stand for?

GR is the country code for Geece

When was mri scan was invented?

the mri was invented in 1977

Where is the magnetic field in a MRI?

manly in the middle of the mri

What does an MRI show a doctor?

what does an mri show a doctor

What is true about MRI images?

MRI can damage cells

How does does a pacemaker interacts with MRI?

How does a pacemaker interacts with MRI

What cpt code for MRI of kidneys?

renal MRI

What is an MRI referring agency?

The agency that referred the patient for the MRI; the doctor or clinic.

Where could one find open mri technician jobs online? is the place that is suggested to look for careers for open MRI Technician Jobs. You can specify your country, county and salary and the website will find the best one for you.

What country does au stand for?


982 stand for which country?