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a white tiger lives in southern Asia and India

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Q: What country does a white tiger live in?
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Where does the white tiger live in nature?

in the nature white tiger's live in the cold

Where white tiger live?

what do white tigers live

Is the white tiger one of the animals that live in Argentina?

No. The White Tiger does NOT live in Argentina. Your Welcome. :)

Which country does Tiger Woods live in?

Tiger Woods live in the USA.

Tell you about the family life of a white tiger?

does a white tiger live in a pack

How long can a white tiger live?

a white tiger can live about the same as the normal tiger (i guess) it lives about 25-30 years(i guess)

What helps a white tiger live?

Water, nature, trees for oxygen and the animals they eat helps a white tiger live

What does the white tiger live in?


Does the white tiger live in India?


Where does a white tiger lives?

A white tiger lives in the eastern of Asia, including India and China.

What would the white tiger need to live in the Sahara Desert?

a white tiger needs water,food,health,and shelter

Does the white tiger live in the Himalayas?

no but the purple tier does