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i think they originate from England

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What country does lemon pepper originate from?

America. Lemon pepper as a pre-mixed spice is a fairly recent creation.In a garden

Where can I find a recipe for lemon squares?

There are recipes for lemon squares everywhere. But one of the most popular sites to get recipes for lemon squares as well as any other recipe you think of it called all recipes dot com.

Where did lemon meringue pie originate from?

Lemon meringue pie originated in Spain.

Where does lemon grass originate from?

Lemon Grass is native to India and Sri Lanka

Where does the LEMON originate?

Lemon [Citrus lemon] may have originated in China, northern Myanmar [the former Burma], and India.

Who did magic squares originate from?

math squares are a good an usefull tool but we may never now who made them lol

Which has more lemon content Pledge or country time lemonade?

This is an oldie... Country Time contains no lemon. Lemon Pledge contains lemon. So, the answer is, Pledge.

In which country did zero originate?

what country did the zero symbol originate from?

Where did Bellini originate?

In which country did the Bellini originate?

What country does poodle originate?

Poodles originate from Germany.

What is Sifted Icing Sugar Powder?

do i need to sift icingsugar when baking lemon squares

When and how did China originate?

China is a country and there fore it didn't originate.

In what country did musical theater originate?

Where did musical theatre originate?

What country do spaghetti noodles originate?

Spaghetti originate from Italy

What country did Banan Peze originate from?

Banan Peze originate from Haiti

What country does vegetables come from?

Vegetables do not originate from just one country, they originate from multiple countries all over the planet.

What country do coon hounds originate from?

coon hounds originate from your mamas testicals

Where did the mongolians originate from?

Mongolians originate from Mongolia which is a country just north of China.

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