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Qatar has the fastest growing economy in Asia, and the world.

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Q: What country has the fastest growing economy in Asia?
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What can you say to our Philippine economy now?

one of the fastest growing economy in asia

Who has the best economy in east Asia?

Although China has the fastest growing economy, Japan would have the best economy.

Which country has the strongest economy in Asia?

China and Japan India is the strongest growing economy and is about to match China

Second fastest growing market in asia-pacific?


What is the second fastest growing market in Asia-Pacific?


What country has asia's most powerful economy?

Japan has the most powerful economy in Asia.

What is the second fastest growing shipping market in Asia Pacific?


Which continent has the fastest growing population?

Asia has 60% of the total world population. Although Africa is growing fastest it is only because it has a larger land area.

Which Russian sub region has the fastest growing population?

Central Asia and the Caucasus

Where does population grow the fastest?

Asia. Asia is the most fastest populating country/continent in the world. It has over 1.6 billion people in it.

What is the fastest mile time out of all countries?

The country which has the fastest mile times and long distance times is asmall country in Asia

What country in Asia has the most powerful economy?


Why is population growth in Asia low?

Where did you get that afirmation????? Asia has the fastest population growing rate in the World. The only part of Asia where there is fairly low population growth is China, where there has been a 'one baby per couple' policy for many years. Apart from China, Asia's population is growing fast.

What is the no of dewsoftoverseas in MLM company in Asia and world?

dewsoft is one of the fastest growing mlm in asia.. with its interactive education and dewsoft is no. 1 in india.

What country in Asia is most reliant of herding for its economy?

INDIA of course!

What is the richest country in central Asia?

Uzbekistan is the richest country in Asia, also China. Scientists supposed that the richest in economy also is Uzbekistan. ALso nor of Asia has subways. The most beautiful subway in Asia has only Uzbekistan.

What country is a series of islands and has Asia's most powerful economy?

I believe it is Japan

What country does Buddhists live?

Buddhists live in all continents (except maybe Antartica) and most countries on Earth. The highest concentration of Buddhists is in South-Est Asia. But Buddhism is the fastest growing religion in Europe and North America.

What is most progressive country in Asia?

In terms of development and standard of living, Japan is the most progressive country in Asia. In terms of economy, Qatar is the most progressive country in Asia (and the world).

What are the top five fastest growing economies in Asia?

These countries in Asia are listed as fastest growing economies (see link below). 1. Qatar 2. Mongolia 3. Iraq 4. China 5. Turkmenistan According to the International Monetary Fund, the five fastest growing economies in Asia are: 1. Qatar 2. Singapore 3. India 4. Taiwan 5. China

What country has the largest economy in Asia?

Japan, then China, then India Actually, in late 2010 China came above of Japan, so currently China has the largest economy in Asia, which is also the world's second largest economy. Japan falls in second place for Asia, and third in the world.

What food does the country Asia produce?

The economy comprises more than 4 billion people (60% of the world population) living in 46 different states . China is the largest economy in Asia and the second largest economy in the world!

Is Israel's economy growing or struggling?

Israel's economy grew at 4.8% percent in 2011 and continues to do well. It is one of the few developed nations in Asia and its economy has good prospects because of the strength of the technology industry in Israel.

What country of Southwest Asia or North Africa has the most diversified economy and is not reliant on oil?


Why is Asia the most dynamic continent in the world?

Asia is the most dynamic country, because of its fastest growth in the terms of world GDP which a 5-6%/year plus rapid growth of exports and fastest growth of mutual trade with other countries.