American Revolution

What country helped the patriots win the revolutionary war?


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Multiple Countries helped the patriots win in the Revolutionary War. Mostly France helped.

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The French helped the Patriots when they where in battle.

NEW ANSWER:The most popular nations that helped financially and also gave supplies to the Patriots during the American Revolutionary War, was France and Spain.

they were terrorists that fought their own country,england

He helped by showing people how George Washington would be the perfect general for the patriots in the Revolutionary War.

The number of patriots who fought in the revolutionary war were estimated to about 20000. The term patriot refers to the people who love and are ready to defend their country.

A revolutionary War army officer who helped the patriots build a fort on bunker.

because of their loyalty for the freedom of country they vision

I think you're looking fo the American Revolutionary War! ;-)

France helped the Colonists. The Germans helped the British.

During the Revolutionary War, patriots were responsible for fighting for the rights of American colonists. Patriots were also the politicians of the day.

A patriot is someone who loves their country. So the answer is yes (we did) and no (they didn't) since there are patriots on both sides.

Not to make you feel stupid but the Patriots and British were the Revolutionary War and the North and South was the Civil War, which are you talking about?

The French, Spanish, and Germans helped the Patriots (Americans). The Hessians (German mercenaries) were on the British side, though.

The Patriots wanted a revolutionary war because they believed the colonies were not treated fairly by the British crown.

Factors that helped the patriots win the war

the patriots or the Americans took fort ticonderoga's cannons and won the revolutionary war so the patriots are our allies

John Adams helped the Patriots by being one of the men to sign the Declaration of Independence during the Revolutionary War. My class studied it.

The partiots were important to the revolutionary war, because they owed their allegience to the revolutionary idealim, whereas the betrayers were peril to the revolutionary war.

France,Spain,Dutch Republic,British themselves. The reason the British played a part in helping the US was because Americas first Army was created during the War and it was set up and trained by British troops who had turned on their own country. It think the things that helped the Patriots are guns, spying rings, codes, messages, and strategies in the revolution war.

The patriots General was Harry in the Americans. I think :(

Thomas Jefferson played an important role in the new country after the revolutionary war. He helped draft legislation and became president.

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