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Japan occupied southeast Asia

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Was South Africa ever occupied by a foreign country or continent?

Yes, South Africa was colonised by British, so i guess they occupied South Africa.

What was done with Korea after World War 2?

North part of Korea was occupied by Soviet Russia which caused it to become a communist country and South Korea was occupied by America which caused it to become a Democratic country. Technically the Country was split into 2 parts

What country occupied Vietnam during the Vietnam war?

No nation occupied anybody during Vietnam. Vietnam was a war of body counts; who killed the most men won. Northerners lived in the North; Southerners lived in the South. US & allies also lived thru-out the South; for about 15 years and then left in 1975.

What region of the world was last occupied by early humans?

The last region of the wrld to be occupied was South America

What South American country was not conquered by Spain?

Brazil was occupied by Portugal rather than Spain. French Guiana which isn't an independent country as such wasn't occupied by Spain.

When was Patagonia a country?

Patagonia was never a country; it is a region at the southern end of South America occupied by Argentina and Chile.

What nation occupied Korea after World War 2?

Korea was split at the 38th parallel and North Korea was occupied by Russia and South Korea was occupied by the U.S.

Who controlled s Korea after World War 2?

Following the defeat of Japan in WW II, the United States and the Soviet Union, jointly occupied the country. The United States occupied Korea, south of the 38th Parallel and the Soviet Union occupied Korea north of the 38th Parallel.

How did South Korea get its name?

Goguryeo was a ancient kingdom. This was shortened toGoryeo and this eventually became the word Korea. After World War II, the Soviets occupied the North and the US occupied the South.

Why was France split in unoccupied and occupied part of the country?

Because the Nazis went until the middle of France and French government succeeded to get that the half South of France was not occupied by Germans.

What part of British was occupied during world war?

The Channel Islands, south of England were occupied in WW2 and the Germans used them as R&R bases and military hospitals. The Germans built many huge and strong gunposts around the islands to repel British warships.

Which two powers occupied north and South Korea after WW2?

Russia occupied North Korea and the U S occupied South Korea after WW2

What two countries occupied Korea after World War 2?

In the north, Russia. In the south, the USA.

What kind of government did South Korean have in world war 2?

Korea was not partitioned into the two countries of North Korea and South Korea until after WW II. During the war, Korea was occupied by Imperial Japan, and did not have its own government.

What number is South Africa for the biggest country in the world?

South Africa is 25th largest country in the world by total area.

With whom the british lost there war for first time in south asia?

Japan occupied many of Britain's South Asian colonies during WWII.

When did Front for the Liberation of Occupied South Yemen happen?

Front for the Liberation of Occupied South Yemen happened in 1965.

How did Korea become a divided nation after World War 2?

After World War II, USSR occupied Korea north of 38th parallel while U.S. occupied Korea south of 38th parallel.

Which country won the rugby union world cup 2008?

there was not a rugby world cup in 2008.There was one during 2007 which was won by South Africa

Where did the Sioux settle?

The Sioux Indians occupied a large area of the United States. They lived in the south and western parts of the country.

Is Korea a 1st world 2nd world or 3rd world country?

South Korea is a first world country and North Korea is a second world country.

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