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What country shares a border with the most other countries?


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CHINA and RUSSIA each share a common border with 14 other countries. According to the CIA, the countries and length of their borders are:

China: Afghanistan 76 km; Bhutan 470 km; India 3,380 km; Kazakhstan 1,533 km; North Korea 1,416 km; Kyrgyzstan 858 km; Laos 423 km; Mongolia 4,673 km; Myanmar (Burma) 2,185 km; Nepal 1,236 km; Pakistan 523 km; Russia 3,645 km; Tajikistan 414 km; and Vietnam 1,281 km.

Russia: Azerbaijan 284 km; Belarus 959 km; China 3,645 km; Estonia 294 km; Finland 1,313 km; Georgia 723 km; Kazakhstan 6,846 km; North Korea 19 km; Latvia 217 km; Lithuania 227 km; Mongolia 3,441 km; Norway 167 km; Poland 206 km; and Ukraine 1,576 km. (Note: Lithuania and Poland only border Kaliningrad, a Russian section separated from the rest of the country.)

HOWEVER, if you count the de facto countries of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, Russia actually borders 16 other countries, which would make it the country that borders the largest number of countries in the world.


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basically 17 fiftieths or 34 percent but the answer is complicated by the fact that one of the states shares borders with 2 other countries

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