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What country speaks Welsh?

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What country speaks Welsh and starts with w?


What country in South America speak welsh?

No country in South America speaks welsh, however there may be a few welsh speakers living or visiting South America. Welsh is spoken in Britain.

What Country Speaks British?

British is spoken in Brittany, where it is called Breton, and in Wales, where it is called Welsh.

Other than wales what country speaks welsh?

there are quite a few. patagonioa has a large welsh community , so has Canada and various places really!

What is the difference in Irish Scottish English Welsh?

Each is a country in its own right. Each has a language of its own and speaks English as well.

What languages does Duffy speak?

She speaks Welsh and English

Which languages does huw Edwards speaks but not English or welsh?


Is gemma mrena welsh?

i guess so my friend says she speaks welsh and it looks familiar but im not so sure

What country speaks Congolese?

I don't know, which country speaks american...-_-'

Which country do Welsh belong to?

Wales. Wales is a country that is part of the United Kingdom. Nationals are Welsh the language is Welsh

Who is Welsh?

People who are for the country of Wales are Welsh

Can Duffy speak fluent Welsh?

She speaks fluent Icecubeish :) But yes, she does speak fluent Welsh, she says it's her mother tongue but he dad is from England, so I guess he doesn't speak Welsh.

What country speaks only Russian?

There is no country that speaks "ONLY" Russian; however, the largest Russian speaking country is Russia.

What country in south America only speaks Portuguese?

There is no such country. Brazil speaks Portuguese as its official language (but many other languages are also spoken there). So no country ONLY speaks portuguese.

What languages are spoken by Queen Elizabeth II?

Engish, She is fluent in French, probably speaks German and Spanish.FrenchThe Queen speaks English fluently.Welsh

Which country speaks galatian?

No country speaks Galatian. It went extinct around the year 400 CE. It was spoken in Turkey.

How do you say is there someone here who speaks English in Welsh?

Oes rhywun yma sy'n siarad Saesneg?

Who are the Welsh?

The Welsh are the people (and language) of Wales, the country in central western Great Britain. Wales is a constituent country of the United Kingdom.

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