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It was filmed in the following three locations:
Clarksdale, Mississippi, USA
Greenwood, Mississippi, USA
Jackson, Mississippi, USA
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Why films in Malaysia are not as popular as other film countries?

I'm not sure what you mean by this question. Do you mean to ask why people going to the cinema is not as popular in Malaysia as in other countries? Or why legal DVD sales in Malaysia is not very high? Well, the cinema thing is easy, though I'm not sure whether the cinema statistics indicate that les ( Full Answer )

What did Paul Revere do to help your country?

During the Revolutionary War, the colonists still thought of themselves as British. British soldiers were called "the regulars". Paul Revere was a silversmith who came galloping along in the middle of the night to warn that the British soldiers were coming. The guard told him to stop making so much ( Full Answer )

Do films help in education in any way?

Yes, in various ways, films help educate both children and adultsin and out of school. . Many people have been found to take more interest in watching afilm rather than read (for example) a history, literature, orscience book. . Most people learn by watching others or using a visual aid.Altho ( Full Answer )

Where was The Big Country filmed?

I was wondering this myself and today I did a search and this is great link that explains.... http://www.orvisranch.com/bigcountry/index.shtml

What was the film 'Help' about?

An Indian cult stalks Ringo Starr, who was sent a sacrificial ring by a defector, to either retrieve the ring or sacrifice him to their goddess, Kaili. He wants to give them the ring back, but it won't come off his finger. The songs in this movie were "Help!", "You're Gonna Lose That Girl", "You've ( Full Answer )

Which country makes the largest number of films?

The United States has since the middle 20th century been the leading country in producing films, many US films are seen around the world everyday and it would not be to unusual to travel to another country and see recently released films such as Live Free Die Hard playing in a theater.

How developed countries can help underveloped countries?

There are three common strategies by which developed countries attempt to help lesser-developed countries (LDCs): aid, trade, and assistance. Aid can be in the form of a direct gift of money, loan guarantees, loans, gifts of food, or even military aid. The benefits of aid are that it can be deliv ( Full Answer )

In which country was the film '' the killing fields '' set?

The film is set in Cambodia - the location of the genuine killing fields where the Khmer Rouge regime killed and buried masses of people from 1975 to 1979 . However, the movie was not filmed in Cambodia . It was instead shot at six locations: three Thai, two Canadian, and one American. ( Full Answer )

What country are the Harry Potter films filmed?

NEW ZEALAND!!!!!!! many people have said they are filmed in londo, and surronding areas, but this is ver false. it is filmed in zurich new zealand. Whoever thinks it is filmed in the U>k is ver stupid indeed!!!!!!!! It is filmed in leavesden studio's LONDON. not new zealand like the person (idiot) ( Full Answer )

Can anyone help me think of a film name?

Hi, . For my AS media coursework we have to create the opening sequence of a new film. The problem is, i can't think of a film name!! The film is basically about three typical dole-scrounging, men who like to think they are hard, and do nothing but sit on the sofa all day drinking beer. Then, they ( Full Answer )

Which country was Star Wars filmed?

As with most movies, different places, for example, I know the Endor scene(s) in Episode 6 was actually Redwood Forest in California, and the Tatoine scene(s) were in Tunisia, a country in Northern Africa.

How do tourism helped your country to grow?

tourism directly related to the contry economy. For tourism purpose we opened new improved hotels,good transport facility, best air services and the main thing we improve the infrastructure of the tourist place.A ll these thing generate good revenue for the country and when the foreign tourist influ ( Full Answer )

How can mag-lev help your country?

A maglev will not necessarily benefit a country. This is subjective and many variables will impact whether benefits out-weigh the negative impacts. While the maglev provides improved efficency for a high speed passenger train, it has many negatives as well. These must be brought into balance and is ( Full Answer )

How can biology help our country?

Biology can help all countries in many, many ways :-) One is cloning of cells (for example heart cells) if we reach perfection in that area we can create brand new human hearts, which is needed all the time :-) Everyone, feel free to add examples to my answer ;-)

How can diamond help a country?

Like any commodity export, diamonds can enhance local and national economies by bringing in money in exchange for the commodity.

How does increasing the GDP help a country?

It helps as it stops our country from being in debt so the higher the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) the lower chance of this country being in debt :)

What countries have New Zealand helped?

New Zealand tends to restrict its foreign aid to countries of the Pacific region. These would be the island states and territories.

When did The Beatles film Help?

The Beatles filmed Help! in 1965 - 1966. The Beatles filmed Help! in early 1965 in time for a late summer 1965 release.

Why do US help other countries?

Ever since I was a small child, and that was a while ago, the people in the US. have always been the first to jump up and assist the people of other nations that were in trouble. I don't think there has ever been a earthquake, hurricane, tsunami or any other disaster that we haven't jumped up and st ( Full Answer )

What countries did inception film in?

The filming was done in Tokyo (Japan), England (UK), Paris (France),Tangiers (Morocco), Los Angeles (USA) and Calgary (Canada). Hope that helps!

Which country stands for famous film production?

Top 10 Film Countries by Box Office 10. Brazil $800m Brazil is considered to have the most accessible film industryamongst the so-called high-growth emerging BRIC nations (Brazil,Russia, India, and China). 9. Spain $900m Plagued by the economic woes of a shrinking market, rampant piracy,subsidy ( Full Answer )

Which countries helped with Hurricane Katrina?

More than 70 countries pledged monetary donations or other assistance after the hurricane. Kuwait made the largest single pledge of $500 million, but Qatar, India, China, Pakistan and Bangladesh made very large donations as well.

What country was Casino Royale filmed?

The film was primarily shot at Barrandov Studios in Prague, with additional location shooting in the Bahamas, Italy, and the United Kingdom.

How did the light bulb help our country?

The light bulb help our country because without the light bulb our country wouldn't see anything. We would have to use solar energy.

Why are countries not helping the rebels in Libya?

At first, the US, France and some other countries wanted to help the rebels by orchestrating military actions against Gaddafi forces, however, he threatened to release some sort of chemicals on Benghazi, the city that was the center for the rebels. But that was a failed attempt at a bluff. Now, G ( Full Answer )

French film description help please?

I've just started the class, and I've been told i need to write a description of my favourite film... which is the Disney classic, the little mermaid! so far I've got this: c'est l'histoire de le roi de la mer et ses filles. Le roi (s'appelle Titan), avait sept filles, le plus jeune Ariel appe ( Full Answer )

Are films useful in helping us about history?

You have to be very careful if you want to consider films as any kind of source material for historical knowledge. Pay close attention to how the film is presented. Even about well known historical events or eras rarely if ever stick only to the facts as known, without a single moment of embellish ( Full Answer )

Can someone help you name this film?

It starts out with some guy driving down a long suberban road only to be stopped by a kid with his hand blown off. He takes the kid to the hosptital only to find out the kid lives across the street from him amased by his lack of neighbourly knowledge he tries to get to know them better later in the ( Full Answer )

How does repetition help in a film?

Your answer depends on what's being repeated. Nothing in filmmaking is wasted, so repeating anything is a clue -- usually to the audience and often also to a character. The repetition may be a significant recollection by a character, an establishing shot to signal a time shift and so forth. Them ( Full Answer )

How has memory helps jamal throughout the film?

Long Distance Revolutionary features interviews with a range of longtime Au Jamal supporters including Pam & Ramona Africa of the International Concerned Family and Friends of Mumbai Au-Jamal, Amy Goodman & Juan Gonzales of Democracy Now, Cornell West, Alice Walker, Angela Davis, and many others.

What country is the film Princess Hours from?

The television program Princess Hours is of South Korean origin. It was released in January 2006 and was originally in Korean. It ended its run in March 2006.

What country produces Marathi films and songs?

India produces Marathi films and songs. They are made in the state of Maharashtra and the industry has been around since 1912 making it the oldest film industry in India.

In what country was The Unforgiven filmed?

The 1960 movie 'The Unforgiven' was filmed in Durango, Mexico. It starred Burt Lancaster and Audrey Hepburn. The film is sometimes confused with the 1992 movie 'Unforgiven' which starred Clint Eastwood and was filmed mostly in Alberta, Canada.

Who were the stars of the 2010 film Country Song?

There was no film by the title of "Country Song" produced in 2010. However, the film "Country Strong" came about in 2010. It includes the talents of Gwyneth Paltrow, Tim McGraw, and James Canter.

What was the plot of the 1992 film Pure Country?

The film Pure Country was a western film about a country music star, who has grown weary of performing to an elaborate stage show. He goes off to 'find himself' and returns after some time to a more toned-down show.

What is the plot of the 2009 film Dark Country?

'Dark Country' is a psychological thriller that follows a newlywed couple that are on honeymoon through Nevada. They run into a severely injured man who they attempt to help but it all goes wrong in the end.

Which country is the film 'Girlfriend Boyfriend' set in?

The film 'Girlfriend, Boyfriend' is set in the country of Taiwan. You can learn more about this film online at the Internet Movie Database website. Once on the page, type "Girlfriend, Boyfriend" into the search field at the top of the page and press enter to bring up the information.

From what country is the film Darr?

The film Darr was filmed in India. It is about a woman who is stuck in one man's love, but is fearing the obsession of another man, and what he may do to her other half.

In which country was the movie 'calle 54' filmed?

Calle 54 is a 2000 documentary film about Latin jazz by Spanish director Fernando Trueba. The film takes its name from Sony Music Studios, where much of the film was shot, which are located on 54th Street in New York City.