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What county is Alamo Texas in?


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Alamo, TX is located in Hidalgo county.


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He wasn't from Texas, but he visited to fight in the Battle of the Alamo and the Texas Revolution. So he was born in Greene County, Tennessee and he died at the Alamo in Texas.

Not necessarily. There were other forts in Texas besides the Alamo. [Fort Defiance, for example. ] The Alamo was one Texas fort, but not all Texas forts were the Alamo.

In Texas... At the Alamo...

The famed Alamo is in San Antonio, Texas.

The Alamo is a temple/battle scene in Texas.

The Alamo is in Texas USA

The Alamo is by San Antonio

Yes the Alamo is one of the battle sites during the Texas revolution.

the govorment of texas is the alamo

The Battle of the Alamo was held at the Alamo, which is in San Antonio, Texas.

The Alamo is located in the State of Texas.

The role that the amlamo played for the texas revolutin was the alamo was a curch where the soldier had a meeting and the battle was next to the alamo

The Alamo is in Alamo Plaza, Downtown San Antonio.

The Alamo is in San Antonio, Texas.

The Alamo is located in San Antonio, Texas.

The Alamo. Remember the Alamo! See the link for details:

After the battle of the Alamo, in 1883, the Catholic church sold the Alamo to Texas for 20,000 dollars.

the Americans lost the battle of the Alamo the Alamo is still here in Texas (Santonio)

The Battle of the Alamo was won by Mexico, but the War for Texas Independence was won by Texas and San Jacinto.

The fight at The Alamo was just one of the earlier battles of Texas fight for freedom.

EDINBURG, TEXAS is the county seat of Hidalgo County Texas.

Colonel Travis commanded the Texas Forces at the Alamo.

The Battle of the Alamo ended in total defeat for the Texas defenders.

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