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What crops were grown in colonial Georgia?


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There was cash crops such as tobaco rice and indgo.
Crops that Colonial Georgia grew were varied. However, the most popular crops were tobacco, indigo, and rice.
Rice, Indigo, Cotton, and Tobacco
Tobacci, indigo, and rice ... along with the silk industry
Rice and indigo were the two main cash crops in colonial Georgia, and sugar and tobacco were important as well. Colonial Georgia existed from 1732 to 1777.
it was rice

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Peaches are grown in the state of Georgia.

Major crops in colonial New Jersey include grain, rice, wheat barley and indigo.

Georgia soil is healthy, fertile, and natural. Georgia grown agriculture is all natural and not artificial. Georgia farmers do not use chemicals to grow their crops, instead, they grow their crops naturally.

Indigo, Hemp, Rice and Tobacco.

Grains such as barley, oats, and wheat.

Tobacco Tobacco Tobacco and rice

Some of the crops the colonists grew in colonial Delaware were grain,rice,and indigo.Since their land was very good and fertile they mostly were farmers.

Indigo, hemp, rice, corn and tobacco.

Georgia had a long growing season that lasted 10 months.

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Although much is made of American colonial cotton plantations it was not the only crop grown.Cash crops such as sugar, maize, rice, tobacco etc., were grown.In addition crops for consumption were also cultivated. Wheat, maize, peas, beans et al.

Tobacco was the primary crop grown. Some vegetables were grown but that was more as sustenance farming. Tobacco was imported to England and then sold.

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There were many crops raised in the eighteenth century in Georgia. Cotton, peaches, peanuts, and tobacco were the major crops grown during this time.

If you traveled back to the Colonial Period in Georgia, which crop would you have been LEAST likely to see being grown?

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