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What culd cause my brake light fuze to keep blowing on my hz Holden?

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1 faulty brake light switch, 2 faulty wiring from switch to taillights. Possible short on trailer jack (if fitted).

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You keep blowing the brake light fuse in your focus?

Are both your brake lights blowing out? If it affects only one light: it could be a bad light socket, or a pinched or frayed wire that is shorting out.

Why does your 1997 Toyota corolla brake light fuse keeps blowing?

It's because you have a short current somewhere. You need to check the brake light wiring.

Why does your brake light blub keep blowing on peaugeot 407?

short in electrical circuit

Why would brake light fuse keep blowing after stepping on the brakes a few times on a 1991 corvette?

It is possible that one of the bulbs is shorting out. Try replacing the brake light bulbs, if that doesn't work, troubleshoot the brake light switch.

What should you do if the brake lights keep going out on your 1992 Chevy Cavalier?

Are you blowing fuses or are the bulbs blowing? Blowing fuses would be a sign of any wires or metal contacts in your brake circuit grounding out or shorting on themselves. You'll have to check all of the wiring in your brake light/switch circuit to be sure.

What would cause the brake light fuse on my 1988 Volvo 240 DL to keep blowing whenever the brakes are pressed?

1. a bad ground wire, or 2. a short in the brake electrical system let me know if it helps?

What cause the brake light to stay on?


Why do brake light bulbs keep blowing on a 06 Chevy Malibu?

It sounds like you have a short somewhere.

Why would brake light fuses keep blowing on a 1998 Dodge Neon?

Most likely one or both brake light lamp sockets are corroded. This will short the circuit and blow the fuse. The only other most likely cause is a loose wire connection at the socket or fuse holder.

What cause brake light to stay on?

Brake light switch either out of adjustment or defective Should be located at upper end of brake pedal under dash

What would cause the emergency brake warning light in a 2004 Nissan Quest to remain on when brake is disengaged?

Brake lighta computer sensor.It could also be low brake fluid.

Can a bad bulb cause all brake lights in a 98 ford ranger to fail?

It can if it is a dual filament bulb as found on most US. makes. The brake light filament can short over to the tail light filament inside the bulb and when the brakes light is activated, all the tail lights and front marker lights will light also, probably blowing fuses.

What would cause the dashboard warning light for the brake system to still illuminate after the brakes were repaired?

Is it the parking brake light or the ABS light? is it red light or amber?

What is the cause of your heater blowing cold air?

Most likely your pilot light is out

Why is the fuse to your trailer tail lights blowing when you step on the brake pedal?

short circuit on trailer light wiring

What will cause the brake lights on a 1991 Chevrolet pickup to stay on after the vehicle is turned off?

The brake light switch is under the dash, and whenever the brake pedal is touched the brake light comes on. If the switch has failed or is out of adjustment it will leave the brake light on.

Brake lights not turning off?

The most probable cause is that the brake light switch is out of adjustment.

What could cause the ABS and brake light to come on a Chevrolet sedan?

A brake fluid leak in the brake system, LOW BRAKE FLUID.

What would cause the brake light switch fuse to blow on a 2001 jeep grand Cherokee when ever the brake pedal is pushed?

A short in the brake light circuit.

What would cause brake lights not to go on?

More than likely it is the brake light switch that is attached to the brake pedal.

You keep blowing your no11 fuse in both your mark VIII that control the hazards and brake lamp and brake pressure switch?

unplug the neon light and see if that stops it

Will a missing brake light bulb cause no taillights to come on?


What could cause the brake light to come on and stay that way on your 1998 jeep Cherokee classic?

A defective or out of adjustment brake light switch.

What would cause my 1993 Ford E-150 brake light to come on?

The most likely cause is low-brake fluid.

What cause the brake light to come on dash board in a 2001 Lincoln town car?

The " BRAKE ' light in your dash indicates that either your parking brake is on or the BRAKE FLUID LEVEL in the brake master cylinder in your engine compartment IS LOW