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What cullor is spitting cobras skin?

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A spiting cobras skin is normaly brown.

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What is the spitting cobras habitat?

Spitting Cobras usually live in dry desert and dry areas, and in shrubs and grassland.

How do red spitting cobras give berth?

Red Spitting Cobras are oviparous. (They lay eggs, normally around 6-15 of them)

Are spitting cobras carnivores herbivores or omnivores?

Spitting cobras are a type of snake. Like all snakes, they are carnivorous. A spitting cobra's prey includes small animals such as rodents.

Can king cobras spit poision?

no only spitting cobras spit venom

What is a spitting king cobra scientific name and classification?

There are spitting cobras and king cobras, but there aren't any spitting king cobras. Their scientific names are Ophiophagus Hannah (the king cobra), and there are at least 6 species of spitting cobras. These are Naja nigricollis, Naja siamensis, Naja pallida, Naja nubiae, Naja mossambica, and Naja ashei. King cobras and spitting cobras belong to separate genera (the king cobra is from the Ophiophagus genus and spitting cobras are from the Naja genus), but they both belong to the Elapidae family of snakes. The Elapidae family belongs to the Alethinophidia infraorder, the Serpentes suborder, the Squamata order, and the class Reptilia.

Are the possum and the mongoose the spitting cobras prey?

I'm not sure about the possum but the mongoose actually eats spitting cobras and other types of snake. The reason why the cobras venom doesn't affect the mongoose is because it has long and thick fur so that the venom stays on top of the skin and doesn't seep into the blood stream.

Are king cobra the same as spitting cobras?

no, the king cobra is the largest and most dangerous of all the cobras but it does not spit venom and it is not classified as a spitting cobra.

Are spitting cobras endangered?

Some cobras are endangered but there are a few different varieties that spit. Not all cobras are on the endangered list.

Cobras skin is?

What is Cobras skin like

Do Spitting-Cobras like the hot?

Yes spitting cobra like living in heat

Where are spitting cobras found?

i think probally in Australia

How do spitting cobras hunt for food?

Stealth..They are stalkers.

How dangerous are spitting cobras?

they could blind you or kill you

How fast are spitting cobras on average?

A spitting cobra's reaction time is at an average of 208 milliseconds. These cobras are able to anticipate the victim's movements and sprays a stream of poison.

What is the spitting cobras behavior?

the spitting cobras have a angry behavior if they see humans the can spit poison up to 5 m distance.the poison if entered the can make a person blind

Why black spitting cobras spit?

To defend themselves from attackers

What is the spitting cobras prey?

I don't know but you shouldlook it up

Do spitting cobras have live young?

oh yes they do obviously

Do all snakes spit venom?

No, only spitting cobras do.

What does a red spitting cobra look like?

A red spitting cobra is an animal that's spits venom in to enemy eyes to blind them. But if the venom get on your skin it will not do any thing or if it gets in your mouth it still wont kill you spitting cobras is an awesome animal that is venomous and dangerous.

How do spitting cobras attack?

this is how an spitting cobra attackthey spit venom in your eyes then they bite youand wait to you die

Spitting cobra habitat?

Spitting cobras are found in southern forests of Africa and Asia. They are very dangerous animals and are not to be tampered with.

What do spitting cobras kill?

rats,mice,frogs,birds and people

How big are spitting cobras?

around 3 to 4 feet long.

What is a spitting cobras food?

Rats, mice and other small rodents.

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