What cultures influenced Byzantine culture?

The Byzantine Empire was comprised of the Easter fragments of the Roman (latin) empire, but it comprised mostly Greek speaking citizens. However, the Greek Speaking empire was very large including Greece, Turkey, INonia, Antioch (the Israel area), Egypt, North Africa, the Mediteranean Isalnds, Balkans, and Southern Italy.

On top of the Greek culture, which differed from region to region, the Byzantine Empire also had lots of influence from other nations, more so then the ROman Empire becaue of the vast trade network. Constantinople, Alexandria,Jerusalem, Athens, Napels, Odessa, Edessa, Nicae were just some of the international cities that had citizens from moorish Africa, arabis, Indians, Chinese, nordic, and Russian traders. The cities were not too tolerant of permenant residences but they enjoyed the goods and services that were brought by them.

The Byzantine culture was in respect influenced by all of these culutres, but primarily the Latin (roman), Greek cultures. However, the overlying culture was the Eastern Orthodox church and its culture..towards the end of the emprie, the Muslim culture became more dominant and it made its way deeper into the spiritualness and building structure of several Byzantine era buildings and art works.