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If and when the Cumbre VIeja erupts the chance of a "Mega Tsunami" that could destroy cities is VERY VERY REMOTE!! Why?

Because the most sensational theory of all has gotten the most media attention. That being that the entire mountain will collapse into the ocean at once creating a huge wave that will wipe out entre cities. This scenario however is the LEAST LIKELY to happen. Why?

Because the most recent studies show that, despite the sensational claims of some, the mountain might crubmle and fall into the ocean piece by piece during a longer period of time, thus not replacing as much water-mass as would an instant collapse.

Even though the local islands and perhaps Spain the other local countries would see some tidal waves, there would be no such thing as a MEGA TSUNAMI that is even capable of reaching the east coast of the US and South America.

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โˆ™ 2017-11-05 03:06:44
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Q: What damage will the Cumbre Vieja Volcano do to the East coast of Florida if it erupts?
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