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Harold Godwinson died on 14th October 1066 in the battle of Hastings

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Q: What date did king Harold Godwinson die in?
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What date did Harold Godwinson's father die?

harold godwinson father died in 1053.

Did Harold Godwinson die at stamford bridge agenst William the conqueror?

No, Harold Godwinson, King of England died at the Battle of Hastings against William.

What date did Harold godwinson die?

On the same day as the battle 0ctober the 14th

When did King Edward the Confesser die?

he died on the 5th of January 1066 the same day Harold godwinson was crowned king

Did Harold godwinston die before Harold harada?

Harold Godwinson's forces killed Harold Hardrada at the Battle of Stamford Bridge, so Hardrada died before Harold Godwinson.

What year did Harold godwinson die?


Where did Harold godwinson die?

in battle with th normans

What time of the day did Harold godwinson die?

About 5.00pm

Did Harold godwinson die in 1066?

yes he did he died with an arrow through his eye

Where did Harald Haadrada die?

he died at Stanford bridge when he was fighting Harold Godwinson

What month did king Harold die?

King Harold died in the month of October. His exact date of death is listed as October 14, 1066 in the United Kingdom.

Where did King Harald Hardrada die?

Harald Hadrada, from Norway, was killed on 25th September 1066 at the Battle of Stamford Bridge. It is said that he was shot by an arrow in the neck by Harold Godwinson.

When did Harold Godwinson die?

14 october 1066Harold Godwineson died during the Battle of Hastings, after supposedly being shot in the with an arrow.

How did Harald Hardraada die?

He was killed by Harold Godwinson. He died in the Battle of Stamford Bridge.

What day did Harold godwinson die?

Harold Godwinson also known as Harold Godwin died on 14th October and he was 44 years old.Harold had lots of bad luck during his battle after Stamford Bridge and coming to Battle againist William Duke of Normandy.

Did Harold godwinson die?

yes he did die after the battle of Stamford's bridge what he won when he fought William duke of Normandy he was shot through his left eye.

How did Harald Hardrada die?

Harald Hadrada, from Norway, was killed on 25th September 1066 at the Battle of Stamford Bridge. It is said that he was shot by an arrow in the neck by Harold Godwinson. Tostig Godwinson (Harold, the King of England's brother) tried to invade England alongside Hadrada, but they were both defeated and the English were victorious. Harald Hardraada was struck in the throat by an arrow and killed early in the battle in a state of berserkgang. He was not wearing amour.

Did king Harold die in the Battle of Hastings?


How did king Harold die at the battle of stamford bridge?


When did Wulfnoth Godwinson die?

Wulfnoth Godwinson died in 1094.

When did Leofwine Godwinson die?

Leofwine Godwinson died in 1066.

When did Gyrth Godwinson die?

Gyrth Godwinson died in 1066.

When did Sweyn Godwinson die?

Sweyn Godwinson died in 1052.

How did Harold Godwinson die?

No-one knows the exact answer, however, it is believed that an arrow was shot through his eye, or he could have been stabbed somewhere else in his body. People believe that he was probably stabbed in the eye because there is a scene on the tapestry of a man with an arrow through his left eye, with words that read "Harold Rex interfectus est" which means "Here King Harold dies", but no-one knows for sure whether it is him or not.Harold Godwinson died after being struck in the eye with an arrow by William the Conquerer's Army, the Normans.

Why did William fight Harold?

I think this is right. William fighted Harold because Harold got crowned king when William was promised to. so William fighted Harold to be king. nearly but William killed Harold because he was too impationt to wait for Harold to die so he could become king acttually, they fout for land