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It was Sunday the 28th of June 1914.

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Q: What day of the week was Franz Ferdinand killed?
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How many police were on duty when the archduke Franz Ferdinand was killed?

i dont know but i'll guess 10,234 polices were on duty on that day

How long after the assassination of Franz Ferdinand did Austria-Hungary declare war on Serbia in 1914?

Exactly one month. Franz Ferdinand was killed on the 28. of June on Serbian national holy day and on the 28. of July Austria - Hungary declared war on Serbia.

On what day in 1914 was the Archduke Franz Ferdinand assassinated in Sarajevo?

As the key event that prompted the outbreak of World War I, the 'assassination in Sarajevo' took place on June 28, 1914, and was followed days and weeks later by various declarations of war that soon led to the world-wide conflict. Killed in the attack was the Austro-Hungarian Empire's Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife.

What day was franz ferdinand shot?

Franz Ferdinand and his wife was shot on Sunday, 28 June 1914. He and his wife had three children together.

What day was Archduke Franz Ferdinand assassinated on?

28th June 1914, Sunday.

What band is opening for green day at their next concert?

Most likely Franz Ferdinand

How many soldiers were killed on the first day of World War 1?

aproximatly 60,000 deaths on the first day. it started with the assasination of archduke franz Ferdinand and his no high status wife Sophie. (and she was pregnant) killed by serbian black hand gang. he was assassinated cuz there were slaves in their country. hope this helps ;D

Who will support green day in Birmingham 2009?

franz Ferdinand No they aren't, i was wondering the same thing cus im gonna see them in Birmingham :) Franz Ferdinand are only supporting them in the US. Back to the question, nothing has been said yet but i think it is an American band.

How many times was franz Ferdinand shot?

He was shot once and so was his wife Sophie. i guess his lucky charms didn't work that day.

What happened to Archduke Franz Ferdinanad when he visited Serbia?

Despite what you'll find on some websites, Franz Ferdinand did NOT visit Serbia. He visited Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia-Hercegovina, which in 1914 was a part of Austria-Hungary. (The Serbs wanted it, but that's another matter).

What was Arch Duke Ferdinand doing in Bosnia the day he was assassinated?

Franz Ferdinand went to Bosnia to observe the Austro-Hungarian army maneuvers in the hills outside of Sarajevo. The day he was assassinated he was going back to the railroad station from the town hall of Sarajevo.

What started the great war?

In June 1914 when Franz Ferdinand rode through the city streets to visit Serjevo, then Gavrilo Princip shot him and Sophie (Ferdinand's wife). Because of this Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia, through alliances the outcome was Britian, France, and Russia against Germany, Austria-hungary, The Ottoman Empire (present day Turkey), and Bulgaria - making it a global war.