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The minimum educational requirement for entry level engineers is a bachelor's degree. However, higher positions may require a master's or doctorate degree.

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Q: What degree do you need to be an engineer for Intel?
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What kind of degree do you need to be an engineer?

an engineering degree

What degree do you need to become a Solar engineer?

what quolifaction do u need to become a solar engineer

What degree does a computer engineer need?

Computer Engineering

Do you need a collage degree to be an areospace engineer?


What kind of degree do you need to become an engineer?

An engineering degree, usually a Bachelor's degree of Engineering - a BE - to start with. Or you can become a better engineer and go for a higher education

What type of collage degree do you have to earn to be a enviromental engineer?

you need a environment degree and and engineeringdegree

What type of degree do you need to be a mechanical engineer designer?

A degree in Engineering or in Mechanical Engineering

What qualifications do you need to be a hydraulic engineer?

An engineering degree in hydraulics.

What qualifications do you need to be a chemical engineer?

To have a degree in chem engineering....

What degree do I need for forensic engineer jobs?

In order to be a forensic engineer you will need a degree in engineering. Forensic engineers deal with traffic accidents, fire damage, and wrongful injury cases.

Do you need a college degree for engineering?

To be an engineer (other than an engineer that drives a train) you need a college degree. Certification also requires working in the field under other engineers.

What degree is needed for a mechanical engineers?

They need a bachelors degree as a entry-level Mechanical Engineer