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It didn't, in 1971 coopers were discontinued after cutbacks at British Leyland (makers of the mini at the time)

The next coopers didn't roll of the production line till 1991 as interest in the historic cars began to re-surface.

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Q: What did 1987 mini coopers look like?
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Do mini coopers run on gas or electricity?

All Mini-Coopers manufactured to date run on gasoline.

Who makes mini cooper?

mini coopers engineers

What are some places that can offer a classic Mini Cooper car for sale?

Mini Coopers can be found for sale at sites like MiniMania, CarGurus, and eBay. Used Mini Coopers can also be found at Piston Heads and Mini City Ltd.

Are there automatic mini coopers?


Are mini coopers cool?

Not in my opinion.

Does vw build mini coopers?

No Mini's are made by BMW

Where can one compare prices for cheap mini coopers?

You can compare pries for cheap mini coopers at your local car salesmen store and asking the salesman. You can also shop around on cars sites for cheap mini coopers.

What color were 1960's mini coopers?

what colour was the mini in the 1960s

Where can I look at pictures of mini coopers online?

Edmunds has their own Mini Cooper photo gallery, which can be found here:

Where can one find used MINI Coopers for sale?

There are several places one can look to find used MINI Coopers. Autotrader and Yahoo Autos, as well as Craigslist are available online. Offline one could look at a MINI Cooper dealership which may also sell used models. One could also look in the local classified section of the newspaper.

What problems are common with 2007 Mini Coopers?

speeding tickets

How many BMW mini coopers have been sold?


Are mini coopers expensive to repair?

Oh god, yes.

How much is the mini cooper car?

The bace prices of the mini coopers range from $17,000 to $27,000

Which sites offer Austin Mini Coopers for sale?

The following websites all offer Austin Mini Coopers for sale as of July 2013: "minicoopersrus" , "austineers" , "co-cooperaters" and "cooperdooperuk".

How many versions of the Mini Cooper are there?

There are two versions of the newer and older mini coopers. A convertible and a hardtop.

Where is the mini coopers horn?

on the 08 mini cooper, it is behind passenger fog light.or on the steering wheel

How many classic mini coopers were made in the color quicksilver?


When did mini coopers become a car?

the mini came out in 1959 the mini cooper came out in 1961 with Austin seven cooper and the Morris mini cooper

Where can one purchase used Mini Coopers?

Mini Coopers can be found in most places where cars are sold. Some of these places include: Kijiji, AutoTrader, or used ones on exchange and mart corporation

What dealerships sell mini coopers?

in the united states, there are about 90 BMW dealerships that also have mini coopers. in Canada there are about 30, and i think they are also located next to BMW dealerships. in other parts of the world, check your local mini website.

Who makes mini cooper car--Germany or the Brits?

Coopers are made in Britain by MINI, who is owned by BMW Group

Are mini coopers good cars?

ok idk much about mini coopers, but i am veeerry mad about them, and so i would say yes, and not just because im mad about them, mostly because all of my friends that have, or previously have had mini coopers say they/it was a very good car and loved it. hope this helped.... probably didn't though. lol

Where can one find Mini Cooper cars for sale in Houston?

One can find Mini Cooper cars for sale in Houston by checking local car dealers or by doing research on used Mini Coopers in the area. One could also purchase Mini Coopers on eBay or Autodealer.

Is a minicooper car troublesome?

Well mini coopers are good depending on the size