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He mostly created theories


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albert einstein is the smartest scientist

The name of the most famous scientist is Albert Einstein.

Albert Einstein became a famous scientist in 1905

Steven Hawkings or Albert Einstein.

Yes, Albert Einstein was a Jewish refugee scientist from Germany in America.

the most famoust scientist is albert Einstein...and the second is Galileo galilei

He is a scientist not a scientist

No scientist was same as to albert einstein because he was the great scientist of physics...................................

a good oneAlbert Einstein was a physicist.

Yes, Einstein was a scientist. More specifically, he was a theoretical physicist

Albert Einstien is a scientist.

Einstein was a Theoretical Physicist

He was both a scientist and a mathematician

No, Albert Einstein did not invent the aspirin. The inventor of the aspirin was named Felix Hoffmann. Albert Einstein was a famous scientist.

No, he was a Christian scientist

Albert Einstein for his Theory of Relativity [ E = mc2 ]

i am quite sure that albert Einstein is but i am not sure

Albert Einstein was a well known scientist. He had many theories of relativity which made him the most famous. Go to to find more information.

Albert Einstein is a scientist. Could you of heard the name wrong?

Albert Einstein was a scientist who had a learning disability.Albert showed perseverance

Albert Einstein was a theoretical Physicist.

being a gretat scientist

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