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Hamilton, with James Monroe, Henry Knox, Aaron Burr and Washington were the few among the "founding fathers' to truly put their lives on the line for their beliefs, and to serve in Washington's Continental Army, fighting the British for independence. Hamilton was a student at King's College (today Columbia University) in New York City when the war began and joined a volunteer company with other students, who called themselves the Hearts of Oak. Hamilton was made a lieutenant and led a successful raid on The Battery at the southern tip of Manhattan Island to capture British cannon. With these cannon the Hearts of Oak converted into an artillery battery. Hamilton commanded this artillery battery from New York, and was in the fighting around New York City in 1776, and at White Plains, and was prominent at the Battle of Trenton, where his battery at the top of the street kept the Hessians pinned down in their barracks. Hamilton soon replaced Aaron Burr as Washington's military secretary. Burr had held this position about two weeks, but did not like the stuffy atmosphere around headquarters and craved a more active role as a commander in the field. Hamilton remained Washington's secretary for the rest of the war. On taking the job Hamilton was promoted to lieutenant colonel and functioned as Washington's Chief of Staff, though that title was not in use at the time. When Washington's army went to Yorktown, Virginia to trap Cornwallis, Hamilton persuaded Washington to allow him to lead an assault on a British strong point, Redoubt #10, which had to be taken before the Americans and French could begin digging their siege lines around Yorktown. Hamilton successfully led this bloody, early morning attack and captured the Redoubt.

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Q: What did Alexander Hamilton do in the Revolutionary War?
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Which Revolutionary-war heroes and patriots argued against the constitution?

Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton

What did Treasury Alexander Hamilton proposed that the federal government do after the Revolutionary war?

create a national bank

Who was the cabinet member that convinced congress to pay revolutionary war debts in full?

Alexander Hamilton was the cabinet member who convinced congress to pay revolutionary war debts in full.

The letter a in the Revolutionary War?

Ethan Allen and Alexander Hamilton were historic individuals during the American Revolutionary War. Additional individuals include John Adams and Benedict Arnold.

What was Alexander Hamilton's role in the government?

Created a national bank. Came up with a financial plan to pay off war debts from the Revolutionary War.

What is a key problem that Alexander Hamilton overcome?

that she didnt have a car unlike Lewis

Why did alexander hamilton urge the founding of the first bank of the US?

Alexander Hamilton conceived the first bank to handle the huge debt incurred during the Revolutionary War. It was also used to create a standard form of currency.

As Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton's first objective was to?

Build a financial plan for the new Country as it faced the debt from the Revolutionary War. Alexander Hamilton faced a great challenge and solved it off with perfection, creating a plan that put our Country's money in great hands.

Which young lieutenant colonel in the patriot army wrotea letter in 1780 about what he thought the country would need once the revolutionary war was over?

Alexander Hamilton

After the war what state did Alexander Hamilton represent at the Constitutional Convention?

Alexander Hamilton was one of three delegates from New York.

Who was the first seceratary of the treasury of the US?

Robert Morris was the first person appointed Secretary of the Treasury by George Washington, but Morris declined this office; thus the first Secretary of the Treasury was Alexander Hamilton, who was appointed at Morris's suggestion. Morris had held a similar position as Superintendent of Finance under the Continental Congress.

How did Alexander Hamilton propose to deal with the problem of 12 million of debt the US borrowed from the foreign nations during the revolutionary war?

issue new bonds and guarantee payment