What did Aristotle refer to as the flaw or error that brings about suffering for the protagonist of a Greek tragedy?

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He depicts the downfall of a basically good person through some fatal error or misjudgment, producing suffering and insight on the part of the protagonist and arousing pity and fear on the part of the audience
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What is a Greek tragedy?

In figurative usage, as for example, like in a Greek tregedy the implication is that the tragic (sad) outcome is an inevitable result of the key character's personal flaws. He or she was 'doomed' to disaster (death) from the outset.

Why were the Greeks drawn to tragedy?

Greeks were drawn to tragedy because the entire event would allow them to experience all the emotions found in a tragic play. Greeks would all watch the play together as a community, and feel emotions from the play of which they would never normally experience. Tragic plays also have a moment of cat ( Full Answer )

What function does the messenger have in Greek tragedy?

The requisite messenger-speech traditionally follows important offstage action in Greek tragedy as it was the only way the Greek audience could learn of events considered too gory or beyond the capability of dramatists at the time, such as death

What influence did Aristotle have on Greek culture?

he was the first person to assaninate the archduke wollawiain the united communist states of Kazakstan in 3086. he was the first person to assaninate the archduke wollawiain the united communist states of Kazakstan in 3086. he was the first person to assaninate the archduke wollawiain the united c ( Full Answer )

What are character flaws of Greek gods?

Greek gods have flaws just like ordinary mortals. they experience hate and envy and usually jealousy (as in the case of Hera with Zeus' many lovers). They are also given to impulsive reactions and usually did not care whether they've wreaked havoc on mankind.

Which are qualities that Aristotle attributed to tragedy?

Aristotle believed that the most important quality in tragedy was astrong plot. He believed that the characters should not be paidmuch attention, and that it was the plot alone that createdtragedy.

If Aristotle claims that part of the plot of a tragedy is suffering why do you think that people would want to view a tragedy?

Humans are thrilled and enthralled by the suffering of others. German even has a word for it: schadenfreude. On some primitive level our reactions to the pain of others is probably a defense against our own vulnerabilities and fear of calamity. Our reactions to tragedy are manifestations of our desi ( Full Answer )

Would Aristotle consider 'Oedipus Rex' a tragedy?

Yes , Aristotle [384 B.C.E.-322 B.C.E.] would consider 'Oedipus Rex' a tragedy. First, Theban King Oedipus is a hero , because he does great deeds and has great powers or strength. For example, he delivers Thebes from the beastly, bullying Sphinx. He alone knows the answer to the Sphinx's unanswe ( Full Answer )

In Greek tragedy hamartia refers to?

In Greek tragedy, hamartia refers to the protagonist's biggestflaw. It is the one sin or error that is in the main character orhero's personality that leads to their own downfall.

Why is Achilles a flawed protagonist?

Achilles flaws are that he is driven by anger and revenge. A truehero's characteristics are goodness and honor. Achilles did notpossess either and he desecrated Hector's body which is considereddeplorable.

What does Aristotle think makes a good tragedy?

Aristotle thinks that good tragedy is when you reach the highest level as a human being can reach and in one moment everything falls down. Good tragedy for oristatle is a lost of everything man have gained.

What were greek goddess Hera's flaws?

Here as you know was married to Zeus. But she was very jealous. And she had every right to be. Zeus would constantly cheat on her with thousands of mortal woman. One time Zeus was doing his thing with, yet another one of his mistresses. But Hera had caught wind of it this time. She went down their h ( Full Answer )

What are ancient greek tragedies?

Types of plays, as the name indicates they were full of bad things happening to people. The opposite were comedies which were funnier and light hearted. They also inspired Shakespeare to write some of his own tragedies such as Romeo and Juliet and Hamlet.

What is a tragedy according to Aristotle?

Aristotle wrote of tragedy "Tragedy, then, is an imitation of an action that is serious, complete, and of a certain magnitude; in language embellished with each kind of artistic ornament, the several kinds being found in separate parts of the play; in the form of action, not of narrative; with incid ( Full Answer )

What is the tragic flaw in the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet?

If you are asking what the flaw is in the tragedy then I would say that it would be that Romeo was too pessimistic and was like, woe is me my wife is dead now i must die, and then led him to killing himself. If he wouldn't of acted so suddenly he would have been alive to see Juliet wake up and find ( Full Answer )

What family tragedies does Creon suffer?

The battlefield deaths of his nephews and the suicides of his wife, son and niece are the family tragedies that Theban King Creon suffers in 'Antigone'. From the previous 'Oedipus Rex', we know that Creon carries the weight of previous family tragedies. Specifically, there's the murder of his ( Full Answer )

What is an example of a Shakespeare character who suffered a tragedy?

Romeo and Juliet is a tragedy written early in the career of playwright William Shakespeare about two young "star-cross'd lovers" whose deaths ultimately unite their feuding families. It was among Shakespeare's most popular plays during his lifetime and, along with Hamlet and Macbeth , is one of ( Full Answer )

Do you agree or disagree that Hamlet suffers because he is ill-suited to be the protagonist for a revenge tragedy?

It's an old theory about Hamlet that he is "a man who couldn't make up his mind", (this simpleminded statement is made at the beginning of Laurence Olivier's 1948 Hamlet movie), and that his indecisiveness is what keeps him from revenging himself on Claudius at the beginning of Act II. Hamlet himsel ( Full Answer )

How were Greek tragedies and comedies similar?

They were not the same Tragedies were usually written in trilogies and were tragic whereas comedies consisted of one part which usually was to make fun of a political figure

What did Aristotle believe about tragedy?

It is impossible to answer you question in a line or two. Aristotle wrote a whole book (his Poetics ) as he tried to define tragedy. See if you can find a condensed version - you could try looking on t he Internet for 'Aristotle's definition of tragedy' or 'Aristotle's Poetics '. Good luck!

What were the flaws of Hera the Greek goddess?

Here as you know was married to Zeus. But she was very jealous. And she had every right to be. Zeus would constantly cheat on her with thousands of mortal woman. One time Zeus was doing his thing with, yet another one of his mistresses. But Hera had caught wind of it this time. She went down their h ( Full Answer )

What are the greek Pluto quirks or flaws?

These are to be determined by the individual based on the myth or god taken as a whole; Pluto is the Roman equivalent of Hades, but in Pluto is the god of wealth above (spring, the return of his wife Proserpina) and below (gold) belonging to him.

How does shakespeare employ Aristotles theory on tragedy in King Lear?

There is no evidence that Shakespeare had ever heard of Aristotle's Poetics and considerable evidence that he had not. The evidence that he had not is that virtually none of his tragedies pay attention to Aristotle's strictures on what tragedy should be about. For example, King Lear changes from an ( Full Answer )

What according to you Aristotle mean by pleasure proper to tragedy?

Pleasure proper to tragedy implies that a person who is in pleasure develops a negative attitude towards other people around. HIS approach to life becomes dull and unappealing. Without ups and down of life it is impossible to enjoy.Thus if a person is in constant pleasure This itself is tragedy.

Did Aristotle believe in the Greek Gods?

No he did not. Aristotle created the discipline of logic. He used this logic to answer life's greatest question. ..What is holding up reality? His answer was the universe must be held up and sustained by something that was uncreated and not part of the material world. . Otherwise it too would r ( Full Answer )

How does Romeo's fatal flaw fit into the tragedy genre?

The question is self-referential. Critics have, after reading Aristotle's Poetics, decided that tragedies ought to have "tragic heroes" who have "fatal flaws". It is a totally artificial concept which really doesn't have much to do with Shakespeare, who didn't know anything about Aristotle and didn' ( Full Answer )

What is the goal of a Greek tragedy?

"For the Greeks, plays like the Theban Trilogy, served as important parts of curriculum of education. Tragic plays, Aristotle argues, are important in teaching us to be human. From them, we learn sympathy and can purge ourselves of these passionate emotions without actually have to go through the tr ( Full Answer )

How does Greek satyr and tragedy differ?

The Satyr is a short farce based on mythological figures. A tragedy is a serious play depicting the downfall or destruction of a noble character as a result of a flaw, weakness, or error in judgement.

What is the event that brings out Macbeths tragic flaw?

It really depends on whether you believe that people have "tragic flaws" (Shakespeare didn't), and if you do, what Macbeth's tragic flaw was. If you think his tragic flaw was giving in too easily to his wife, then his wife talking him into the murder in Act 1 Scene 7 is probably it. If you think his ( Full Answer )

What did Aristotle and his fellow Greeks discover?

Mostly every person interested in Science asks this question.Here is the list of greeks astronomers and their discoveries: . Pythagoras . Pythagoras (580?-? B.C.) was a philosopher and mathematician whois famous for formulating the Pythagorean Theorem, but theprinciples of the theorem were known ( Full Answer )

What tragedies did Mother Teresa suffer?

When she was only 8 years of age her father died suddenly and itwas thought he was murdered. At the age of 18 she left home to jointhe Sisters of Loreto and never saw her mother or sister again.

What are the flaws of Ate the Greek goddess?

The Greek gods weren't human and they weren't just characterswritten for a story. They were the personification of natural andemotional forces in the Greek's lives. In Atë's case, shepersonified folly, mischief and ruination. As a goddess, she didn't have flaws, per se, but if you wanted tochara ( Full Answer )

Was Aristotle an ancient Greek scientist?

Aristotle was an ancient Greek philosopher; this word (phil =lover, sophos = wisdom) to the Greeks meant all branches oflearning, so yes, Aristotle was a scientist.

When Was Greek Tragedy first performed?

It originated as dances and singing to the gods in forest glades,then on stages for an audience with an orator, then a second actorand finally a third actor, supported by a chorus. It reached itspeak in the 5th Century BCE.