What did Benedict Arnold do to become a traitor?

Benedict Arnold became a traitor because he did not agree with America.He was a great general and will always be remembered.
Benedict Arnold was dissatisfied with his treatment by the Congress and other army officers, feeling he was not getting the recognition he deserved for his part in major battles, like the one at Saratoga. He then approached the British with a plan to turn over the American fort at West Point, New York to the British. West Point was extremely important to the colonists because it commanded the Hudson River and prevented British warships from sailing down from Canada and cutting the New England colonies off from the rest of the colonies. When the plan was found out, he escaped to England and became an officer in the British army. At Saratoga, Arnold had played a major role in the winning of the battle and was even wounded in the leg. Horatio Gates took the honors though. Later, a comment was made by colonial soldiers about Arnold to the effect that if they ever caught him,he would be hanged as a traitor but that the leg that was wounded at Saratoga would be cut off and buried with full military honors.

He was considered a traitor in 1779.