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What did Cro-Magnon use for shelter?

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In 1868, near the village of Les Eyzies, France, in Cro-Magnon rock shelter the remains several adult skeletons were discovered by Louis Lartet during contruction of a nearby railroad.

They use burrows for shelter

There are a few things elephants will use for shelter such as trees. Elephants will also use rocks for shelter.

A tax shelter is legal to use as long as it is your shelter and you have documents proving this. You can use this shelter for natural diasters which they are usually popular for.

they shelter in nests they shelter in nests they shelter in nests

they wore anything they could find

Jaguars use caves, logs, and trees as shelter.

for shelter they use a flat.

how do gorillas make their shelter

Giraffe use trees for shelter

Diplodocus was a huge dinosaur. Huge animals like them do not use shelter.

Eek the Cat - 1992 Cromagnon Farce Boo Thunder 3-13 was released on: USA: 1994

They use the hollowed out bottoms of trees or any other place that has shelter and is warm.

they don't use shelter they walk and walk they sleep a very little bit

thay use ther furr as shelter and i have a potato pet

zebras don't have a shelter. They live in the grass.

It uses different types of platnts for a shelter.

Cro-Mule: A prehistoric mule. From the same period as CroMagnon Man.

Wild ones use caves,trees, and anything that they can find that provides shelter

The dog had no shelter and was walking alone in the darkness.

They lived in caves and rock shelters.

huter gatherers used caves as shelter.

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