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What did Delaware colonists do for fun?


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They had religious ceremonies, I think.HI. This is Trisscar_Swordsmaid. You are partly right. They did have religious ceremonies, but those could not be called fun. They hunted and told stories, and sometimes sang and played sports for fun. Kids played games that are similar to sports and games played today.


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hahahaha Delaware Indians were killed by the Colonists colonists didn't care about them and only did Penn care about them and be fair to them

About 5000-7500 colonists were in Delaware at the time

Colonlial Delaware was a cool place with colonists and native Americans.

They wore clothes that were comphy

what Colonists did for fun was play chess and checkers and often played outside with friends and family.

To make like easier and escape the king

The main Colonial Delaware crops were grains, rice, and indigo. The land was very fertile and most of the colonists were farmers.

Delaware was well known for because of the American Revolution. Cornel Wallace surrendered in Delaware, and therefore formed the treaty of Paris. There is a monument when and where the colonists won this victorious battle

The first religion that was recorded in Delaware was brought by the Swedish colonists. This first religion in 1631 in Delaware was recorded as being Catholic.

They played games & danced.

Yes there were Indians in Delaware. Most Delaware Native Americans were forced to migrate westward when European colonists took over the Delaware area. These tribes are not extinct, but except for the descendants of Delaware Indians who assimilated into white society, they do not live in Delaware anymore. Today there are two federally recognized Delaware tribes in Oklahoma and one Delaware Indian tribe in Canada.

Te fun thing they did was pick up crops nf sell crops

Peter Minuet found Deleware with Swedish colonists in 1638.

they encountered the tribe named Lenni Lenapi, or Delaware.

Some of the crops the colonists grew in colonial Delaware were grain,rice,and indigo.Since their land was very good and fertile they mostly were farmers.

plant crop with there family

The Swedish colonists settled in Delaware because Delaware was one of the first areas encountered by the Swedes. In competition with the Dutch settlers, the Swedish settlers made compromises with local Indian tribes and settled in the area.

walk the beach swim in the sea, shop

They built ships, did iron works, traded, fished, and had lumber/timber industries.

The Loyalists wrote it to make fun of the Colonists!

The people who settled in new jersey and delaware were from england, but the people who founded new jersey were john berkeley and george carteret.

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