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At the end of World War 1, Germany lost the German colonies to other powers. Germany was part of the Central Powers and lost the war.
All controlled land, they had to cut back to 100,000 men in the army and they had to pay for all the damage they had caused, which left them in a national debt.
Because germany re-installed its policy of unrestricted sub warfare, many US citizens died on innocent ships as a result. This angered America and so Woodrow Wilson declared war on germany. When the Americans Joined up with the French and the British on the Western Front, it increased morale and troop numbers. Even though the Germans had pushed the allies considerably farther back before the americans arrived, once they did arrive they pushed the germans into full retreat. With that retreat, the Kaiser (Wilhelm) and his generals knew that there was no way they could make up the ground lost after the Americans arrived. It was only little while later until the Germans were forced to sign the treaty of versailes. However as we all know, this would not be the last time anybody would hear from Germany.

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Did Germany win or lose in world war 1?


Did Germany lose world war 1?


What year did Germany lose world war 1?


How did Germany lose Russia as an ally during World War I how did this affect the German war plans?

Russia was not an ally of Germany in World War 1.

Did Serbia lose in World War 1 against Germany?


Who did Germany lose to World War 1?

In World War One, Germany lost primarily to the allies, Great Britain, France, and the United States.

Why did Germany lose its colonial possessions?

They were all lost in World War 1.

What land had France lost to Germany in World War I?

France did not lose any land to Germany in World War 1 (1914-18). Are you thinking of a different war?

Did japan lose world war 1?

Japan did not participate in World War I. It was mostly European countries that did include Germany.

How did Germany lose Russia as an ally during World War 1?

== == Russia and Germany were never allies during World War I. They were on opposite sides from the beginning.

Why did Germany agree to a truce to end World War 1?

They saw that they were going to lose the war and they had run out of battle supplies and food.

Was Germany successful in World War 1?

No. Germany was defeated in World War I.

How did Germany lose Russia as an ally in World War 1?

Germany and Russia were enemies during WWI. I wonder if you're thinking of WW2?

Did Germany lose land in World War 1?

Yes, they lost a part of France, a bit to Denmark, and Austria.

Did Germany lose colonies after World War 1?

yes it lost 70 000 square kilo of land

Did Germany take victory in World War 1?

No. Germany lost World War I.

Was Germany World War 1 or World War 2?

Germany was in WW I and WW II.

Was Germany on the winning side or losing side of world war 1?

Germany was on the losing side of World War 1.

What land had France lost to Germany?

France did not lose any land to Germany in World War 1, but Germany had handed over land (Alsace-Lorraine) to France after the treaty in June 1919 which they were not happy about as they had alwaus been enemies of the french. well that's just world war 1

Who had fought the US in World War I?

Germany fought the us in world war 1

What year did Germany defeat France in world war 1?

It didn't. Germany lost World War I.

Who fought against Germany Italy and Japan in World War I?

Japan was not allied with Germany in World War 1. That was world war 2.

How much money did Italy lose in World War 1?

It is estimated that World War I cost Italy approximately $12,413,998,000. For the U.S., the cost was $22,625,253,000, and $37,775,000,000 was the price tag for Germany.

Was it World War 1 or World War 2 that had to do with Nazis and Germany?

World War 2

What land did Germany gain as a result of world war 1?

It didn't gain any land. It did lose a lot of land, though.