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What did Hatshepsut do while alive?


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Hatshepsut was born and raised as a daughter in the household of Thutmose I. She seems to have been married to a step-brother, otherwise known as Thutmose II.


As Queen of Egypt and Ethiopia she obviously worked very hard administering and judging those lands. That included law-making and part of the responsibility was to regulate activity on the Nile river system.

However, her most significant activity was to visit Punt which we now know was Israel together with Phoenicia and perhaps Edom on the other side of the Red Sea. The Sinai was the bridge between Africa and Asia and in this sense Israel was also the "Punt-Land" because it lay on the other side of the Punt or bridge. Amenhoptep III described the Punt-Land as the place when one went towards the sunrise (i.e., East). The only place one could get to overland from Egypt by going East was Israel.

Once in Israel, Hatshepsut was smitten by what she saw. The Egyptians did not let her finish her account on the walls of Deir el-Bahari but the Biblical account of the queen who "sheba'd" Ophir (Africa) says she became a believer in the God that Solomon worshipped. She abandoned belief in the pagan gods of Egypt and she began an alliance with Solomon of Israel and Hiram of Phoenicia which retained the name punt (punicia).